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Thread: Getting to 49-0 Might Be Tough For Floyd..........And Showtime

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    Getting to 49-0 Might Be Tough For Floyd..........And Showtime

    As we all know, Floyd has a contract with Showtime. Floyd has three fights left on this contract and by all accounts Floyd plans to finish it out. As I was reading the announcement of his September 13th date, it made me think what moves can Floyd make to finish out the contract. First lets look at some really important facts:

    Floyd is no longer a spring chicken. He 37 years old, coming off one of the toughest fights of his career, and will 38 be at the first part of next year.

    Although still extremely sharp and in remarkable shape, Floyd has deteriorated ever so slightly.

    Floyd's fights for Showtime have had good views, but not the great ones Espinoza said he was expecting. Showtime is expecting a better draw for the second half of the contract.

    Floyd has expressed no desire to go higher than 154, a class that he technically does not fight in on fight night

    With the above in mind, Floyd needs opponents that are not brutal on him and can draw pretty well. Lets look at the pool of available candidates that at least meet some of that criteria:

    Danny Garcia, Cotto, Martinez winner, Quilin, Porter, Thurman, Pac, Maidana, Bradley, Brook, Khan, Broner, Matthysse, Provodnikov

    Now when evaluating that list, we pretty much have to remove Pac(not happening), Provodnikov(too brutal), Matthysse(no draw) Brook(no draw), Bradley(no draw), and Quilin(no Draw). That leaves Garcia, Cotto or Martinez, Porter, Thurman, Khan, or Maidana. I think it is safe to pencil in Maidana for another fight that Floyd will win but will still be brutal. That is two fights between Garcia, Cotto or Martinez, Porter, Khan, and Thurman. I don't know which he would pick but at his current fight rate he will be fighting some one on that list around May of next year and then roughly around the fall, a few months from his 39th birthday. I don't know about you guys but I think Floyd wins those but I am not sure that any of them will be easy. Honestly, two years from now, in my humble opinion if Porter continues his ascent, that fight may be ultra competitive.

    As for Showtime, I don't see anyone on that list that brings in over a million buys except the Cotto-Martinez winner. Showtime would never say it publicly but half of the fights not doing 1 million buys was not in the cards when they made the contract.

    Then again, Floyd could throw all of us a curveball and jump ship on the contract(which he can do).
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