Personally watching Paq vs Marquez holds little interest for me. I don't like their fighting styles against each other... Although I did buy Paq vs Marquez 4 out of boredom and was treated to the rare spectacle of seeing Paq get put into a deep sleep.
Watching the declining versions of these two living legends and icons of the sport continuing a now irrelevant series reminds me of the Vasquez vs Marquez series that went a couple of fights too many........and became morbidly obsessive.

I'd rather see how Paq and Marquez measure up against everyone else.

I have probably watched 28 hours of video revolving around the Benn vs Eubanks rivalry.

It was one of the most compelling stories in boxing since Ali vs Frazier in my opinion. I never get tired of revisiting the lives of these two great gladiators. I'd recommend it to any fan who hasn't seen it ... There's literally endless footage about their battles on you tube. After an hour into the footage you'll even forget these guys are British.

Its an amazing human story that never gets old.