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Thread: Fernando Guerrero will be fighting David Lemieux on May 24

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    Re: Fernando Guerrero will be fighting David Lemieux on May 24

    Much like the main event on this card, this has the potential to be a very explosive and quick fight.

    Personally, I think Guerrero was ruined by Grady Brewer. He has never been close to the same fighter since that fight. That fight might not have ruined physically but mentally destroyed him.

    I saw him fight about a year and half later against JC Candelo. Mind you, Candelo was completely shot and offered nothing. Guerrero though acted throughout the fight like Gennady Golovkin was in the ring against him. Guerrero was tentative and fought very cautiously against a man offering zero resistance. It was a bad performance and actually the fight ultimately stopped because Candelo simply was doing nothing.

    Afterwards, Guerrero was fed to Peter Quillin and was stopped in the 7th after suffering four knockdowns. He was tentative in that bout as well before ultimately being taken out.

    Lemiuex himself does not have the best chin in the world. He is an explosive puncher and unlike Guerrero has not lost his aggression since getting knocked out himself.

    I think Lemiuex jumps on Guerrero early and takes him out. As I stated earlier, I don't think Guerrero is there mentally since the Brewer loss. If Guerrero stand and fights, well he has a chance the chin of Lemiuex is a question. But from what I have seen of him of late, his confidence is shot in the ring and I think he will fold under the pressure of Lemiuex early.

    I know Teddy Atlas is not calling this fight but if he were he would tell the audience "Don't go to your refrigerators on this one."

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