LOL I cant stop laughing on the winning topics and I refuse to collect my Prize $ for I consider it my full payment on the ticket to the circus. The clownish winning topics = "Have you Ever Been Wrong" which has nothing to do about Boxing WTF, or clearly copied and pasted Wikipedia crap LOL, and sillies like Deontay beating up on a handicapped sick person WOW, YAH DUDES tell me this forum isn't fix...OR the judges don't know nothing about REAL Boxing....
El Dude did not lose on this forum for I was one of the winners and I had only been here for 2 weeks, LOL and according to the judges I broke all records. I have shown the world who El Dude is and all of you know who El Dude is.
Consider it like me kicking this forum to the curb, no talent just a waste of time and nothing but a bunch of plagiarizing non-talent rookies in here. Watch how this forum goes back to the boring comments and the constant chatting like if this is a chat room. This was supposed to be a fight and I don't fight the weak nor do I kick when you are down. El Dude broke all your records, WAZ UP, NOW, for even the judges admitted to it and said that El Dude has done what no others have ever done in this forum.
why are all the topics all empty and why are all the comments about kissing butts to one another or is it because El Dude has left the building....I will leave that one for the judges to answer.