Antonio Orozco won a ten round decision over Martin Honorio in the most recent Fox Sports card. Orozco fought well but it wasn't what he did for nine rounds of the fight that impressed me the most. It was what he did in the 10th.

Orozco was well ahead entering the 10 round. He knew it and his corner knew it. He had beaten and bloodied Honorio in really controlling every round. Though he hurt Honorio a few times, never really put Honorio in the kind of trouble that made it seem like the fight would be on the verge of ending at any point.

So for the final round, if Orozco came out and played it safe nobody would have doubted him for a second. Or even fight like he did for the first nine rounds. He had the fight in the bag and Honorio was a tough guy to get out of there so playing it safe seemed the smart way to go.

Orozco, though, came out to close the show and knock Honorio out. Orozco let his hands go with sometimes reckless abandon and seemed absolutely determined to get the knock out. He didn't but came pretty darn close. And made it a fun three minutes to watch.

I tip my hat to Orozoco. Playing it safe would have been smart but he wanted to put on a show and make a statement. I think it was a calculated risk and one that more young fighters should take. Honorio never hurt him and his punches didn't have that much effect on Orozco. So why not take a chance, make a statement and send the fans watching him an impression on their minds. I certainly left with an impression and next time Orozco is on tv will undoubtedly be tuning in to watch.