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Thread: Hey Harold!: Mike Alvarado

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    El Dude

    Re: Hey Harold!: Mike Alvarado

    Mike Alvarado had it tough vs Ruslan Provodnikov but not even Juan Manuel Marquez wanted a piece of him. Mike fought hard and gave all that he could in his last fight vs the Siberian Rocky but it was brutal and Mike just couldn't go any further. Mike has the support of the fans and he should keep his head up high for we all witness how the life of Mike was dissipating under the wrath of the kid who assaults in the ring with the blessing of his family. There is a saying that says to quit while your ahead but in the hands of Ruslan its more like "Quit before you are Dead". Alvarado is not out of the clear yet for he is in deep water now with Juan Manuel Marquez, a legend and a shark of an opponent that is head hunting and circling the Mile High Kid but the question is, will Mike paddle his way out or will he go swimming with the fishes?
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