While much has been said, little has been known about Floyd Mayweather's 60-day stint in jail back in the summer of 2012.

Until just recently.

Official Las Vegas jail documents reveal letters penned by Mayweather himself, detailing a troubled soul unable to cope with his life behind bars.

"I did not commit a felony, why am I being treated like a murderer or a child predator," an impassioned Mayweather wrote. "I've lost weight, mentally my mind is not the same I'm stressed out..."

The documents also detail certain perks Mayweather would receive and how he would respond to not getting his way.

"I've been asking to get moved this is not fair ... I have a rib injury, I need surgery and when I get out I'm going to file a lawsuit," a desperate Mayweather would write.

For a man who usually speaks in cliches, the letters are compelling reads that give a rare glimpse into the psyche of themultimillionaire boxer.

I've attached them here. Enjoy: