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Thread: What Does The Future Hold For Eddie Chambers?

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    What Does The Future Hold For Eddie Chambers?

    After parting with Main Events following a poor experiment at cruiserweight, slick Philly fighter and former world title challenger "Fast" Eddie Chambers decided to pack his bags and head to the British isles to join Tyson, Hughie and uncle Peter at Team Fury.

    While the Philadelphian's skill has never been questioned, his work ethic certainly has. Fast Eddie has often come into the ring looking less than aesthetically pleasing, prompting former heavyweight titlist David Haye to christen him "Fast Food" Eddie Chambers.

    Since heading to the UK, however, pictures have surfaced of Chambers looking more like a chiseled Ken Norton than a chubby Tony Tubbs.

    After a few squash matches vs. some jobbers, Chambers says he is ready to step up.

    What do you guys think? Is he ready to step up into the upper-echelon of heavyweights once again? Or is he done at the world level?
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    Re: What Does The Future Hold For Eddie Chambers?

    I like Eddie even though he has had a touch of the disease Chris Arreola used to have. I remember him being extremely competitive with Adamek using one arm. He was able to hit Wlad but he was just to small to keep himself in the match. If he can make the weight and I feel he can, he might want to give a run at Cruiserweight until Wlad finally steps out of the game. There is no dominating force in that division and Eddie still has somewhat of a name so he could probably get a title fight and steal a belt relatively quickly. I think after doing that, he should call up Tarver for a heavyweight fight. Tarver said he wants to still fight and considering his financial situation he probably needs to. Eddie could beat Tarver which would be a name even if it doesn't have much substance. From there, if he is willing to commit, there is no telling where he could end up.

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    Re: What Does The Future Hold For Eddie Chambers?

    Edward "Fast-Eddie" Chambers the Heavy Load from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania has plenty of fuel and is still trucking in the rough roads of the Heavyweight division. Eddie has a veteran and respectable resume of a record holding 42 wins with 20 solid KOs. Fast Eddie does have 4 losses from four different foes that have not been avenged and Chambers should be thinking of payback before he gets into more danger along the road. It would make more sense economically to promote the revenge of Eddie vs a former foe rather than to expect the worst of Eddie vs the unknown. Chambers is only 32 years old and has matured in the ring of Boxing and this is his key to adjust and to continue to climb the Big Hills of the Boxing Ranking-highways for his next destination.
    El Dude in the weight station.

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    Re: What Does The Future Hold For Eddie Chambers?

    Eddie is good ... very good. Put him somewhere in there between the Toma's Adameks and the Chris Areolas of the boxing world.
    Will he ascend to the top?
    Well that would be remarkable
    But he was cursed to be too big for a cruiserweight and too small for a heavyweight.
    And he's more polite and gracious than Tiger Woods.
    A very unique "gentleman" of the ring who is doomed to haunt it perpetually like a restless wraith, but the reality obtaining a title is something that will likely become as fleeting as an intangible dream.

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    Re: What Does The Future Hold For Eddie Chambers?

    Chambers is going to get some fights, no doubt. He is a name and there are plenty of heavyweights out there who I think would be more than willing to step in the ring with this version of Eddie Chambers. He is not a hard hitter, small for a heavyweight and speed/reflexes are not what they used to be. Chambers can still handle the lower level heavyweights but the upper echelon I don't see him defeating at this stage of his career.

    One name to keep an eye on for Chambers is David Haye. Yes I know Haye is "retired." We will see how long that lasts. If Haye comes back (and I think he will), Chambers will be the prefect opponent. Chambers is making a name for himself in the UK so it is a marketable fight. Also, having Peter Fury in his corner will help add to the marketability of the fight as I am sure we are all familiar with the David Haye/Tyson Fury saga. Chambers, like Haye, is a small heavyweight. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see this happen.

    As for a fight with Haye, I see Chambers hanging in there but losing a wide unanimous decision.

    Win or lose against Tyson Fury, Dereck Chisora may be another possibility as well down the line for Chambers.

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    Re: What Does The Future Hold For Eddie Chambers?

    Brownsugar is on target when he says Chambers is too big for a cruiserweight and too small for a heavyweight. I think guys like Tomas Adamek and Steve Cunningham have been hit with the same curse.

    Since losing a decision in a pitiful performance to unknown & underrated African cruiserweight Thabiso Muhunu last August, Chambers, as The Shadow mentioned, bolted from Main Events (I believe it was an amicable parting of the ways) and headed across the pond to the U.K., to join up with Team Fury.

    Since that time, Chambers has changed his diet and workout routine & built himself back into a heavyweight. He has two victories in 2014 against less-than-quality opposition. In his first fight after the loss to Muhunu, Chambers stopped Tomas Mraqzek in the sixth round. Two weeks later, he drilled Moses Matovu in the first stanza. Even though Mrazek went in with a record 9-45-6 & Matovu took a 5-39-4 record, both were more than victories. They were confidence builders. Chambers, a man who once dreamed of winning the heavyweight title, needed a few confidence builders. He has another one coming up this Saturday in England.

    Physically, he is back up to around 215-218 pounds, but no longer looking like an African-American Pillsbury Dough Boy. He has muscle showing! You won't believe it when you see him.

    Can he rise from the ashes and make another run at the heavyweight title? Most likely, yes he can. Can he win at least one of the many belts out there? Most likely no, because Wlad Klitschko holds four of them and Bermane Stiverne holds the WBC belt.

    But "Fast" Eddie Chambers will trudge on. He always does. Over the next year, Wlad may lose, follow his brother into retirement or be forced by boxing politics to surrender one or two of his belts.

    At that point, "Fast" Eddie Chambers just may become heavyweight champion.

    -Randy G.

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