One fight flying under the radar this weekend is the bout between Viktor Postol and Selcuk Aydin. This is the primary undercard bout to Marquez-Alvarado and is being televised by HBO.

It seemingly is a strange fight for HBO to televise. The bout seems more like a Friday Night Fights main event rather than landing on an HBO World Championship Boxing broadcast. That said, HBO does need fighters in the 140/147 weight classes so showcasing this crossroads fight will give some exposure to both men that could lead to future opportunities with the network down the line.

Postal prefers to fight on the outside and at a range he is comfortable. He is a very technically sound fighter. Postol likes to work off the jab. He does not like to fight on the inside, period. He likes to clinch and force the referee to break so he can reset from the outside.

Aydin is the opposite. Aydin likes to do his work on the inside. He is the much harder puncher and likes to do work to the body once he gets inside. His problem when he steps up in competition has been his inability to get to the inside to do work. He typically does not jab his way in and better opponents have been able to keep him from walking them down.

The biggest factor in this fight may be the referee. Postol will tie up Aydin when Aydin does get inside. Will the referee allow Aydin to work with the free hand or break them quickly? Will the referee warn Postal for excessive holding early? This fight will not be easy to referee and has the potential to turn ugly.

There are some big unknowns in this fight as well Aydin can punch and we do not know about Postal's chin. One of the big unknowns is what happens if Postal gets hit flush? On the otherhand, Postol is not that big a puncher. Can he gain Aydin's respect to discourage Aydin from charging in with reckless abandon?

I hope I am wrong but I see this turning into an ugly affair. Watch video Postol...he flat out does not want to fight on the inside and will clinch. The onus will be on the referee early and whether or not he is quick to break the fighters will have a big outcome on the fight. If the referee is quick to break the fighters, Postol will probably pick apart Aydin. If the referee is not as quick to break, then Aydin may be able to rough Postol up some on the inside and turn this really ugly. And maybe, just maybe Aydin is able to land a big punch at some point and we will see how good that untested chin of Postol holds up.