I am a big fan of the Boxcino Tournament on ESPN. As a matter of fact, I hope this serves as an example in the sport of why such tournaments work and hope to see more of this in the future.

When a lot of us think of tournaments in boxing, we think of the Super Six Super Middleweight Tournament on Showtime a few years ago. These were top Super Middleweights who made a potentially multi-year commitment. It proved to be difficult to pull together and nearly came unglued a few times. Though it was pulled off in the end despite many hiccups, its hard to see something like that happening again in the sport.

The Boxcino Tournament is being done much differently. The fighters in this tournament have something to prove. Some are young fighters who badly needed an opportunity to showcase their skills. Others are ring veterans who have suffered defeats and see this as a way to jump start their careers. One thing that every fighter in this tournament has in common is they all are somewhat desperate in need of this platform to reach a different level in their respective careers.

Its this desperation in these fighter that makes this particular tournament a success to me. Since they want this so bad, they are all entering the ring determined. The "my career is on the line" mentality is bringing out the best in many of these fighters and thus making for some fun fights to watch.

The quick turnaround is also a positive and helps makes it a success in my opinion. This tournament started in February and ends in May. The fighters stay in shape throughout and and are not tied into the tournament for a lengthy time frame. The quick turn around also makes it less likely that something will happen to cause some sort of delay in the tournament.

We have two very good main events in the finals of the Lightweight and Middleweight Tournaments. I will post more on these bouts later this week but the Lightweight Final in particular, Petr Petrov-Fernando Carcamo, may be a fight of the year type fight.

Anyway, interested in how others on this forum view this particular tournament and tournament style boxing overall. Is this something you'd like to see more of?

I would love for ShoBox for example to run a similar tournament. Or HBO Latino/HBO2 to do something like this. This is a way to get some very good compelling fights amongst fighter that are clamoring for an opportunity. And who knows, a star could be found emerging from such a tournament.