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Thread: Birmane Stiverne delivered a Nuclear KO on Chris Arreola

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    El Dude

    Birmane Stiverne delivered a Nuclear KO on Chris Arreola

    Bermane Stiverne vs Chris Arreola came into the fight marching and bumping but when the bell rung, the call to "Forward-march" had been called for the thumping. As the Tanks locked and loaded it was Chris who blasted his shots first as he set his jabs with intentions to the nose of Stiverne. The first round was intensive as we saw Bermane pressured into the ropes who soon retaliated in the last seconds with a bomb of a blow. The second was just as impressive with Arreola's hard hitting shots that gave him the second putting him up on all cards. Nothing was said just the gloves did the smacking but it was Chris who landed continuously taking the 3rd so viciously. In the 4th Bermane was still swinging, stinging and taking the round at the ringing. The bombs kept launching and the devastation kept landing a close 5th round to call but Chris did have Bermane on the run. During the 6th both camps seemed to be restocking but Bermane was actually stalking. Bermane mid through the 6 launched his assault scoring 2 Knock-Downs followed with a nuclear KO assault that left Arreola to a crisp while the ref called it quits with a Tech.-KO.
    El Dude in the fallout.
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    El Dude

    Re: Birmane Stiverne delivered a Nuclear KO on Chris Arreola

    I enjoyed this ESPN fight between Chris Arreola and Bermane Stiverne so much for it had it all. Busted lips, broken bones, grudges, hype, sweat, blood and plenty of fans calling for more. ESPN has delivered and will continue delivering their traditional butt-kicking fights. From ESPN 1 to ESPN Deportes and ESPN Radio, I El Dude am always tuned in for the best Sport News.
    El Dude invites you to ESPN.

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    El Dude

    Re: Birmane Stiverne delivered a Nuclear KO on Chris Arreola

    The Revenge of The Clashing Titans left the fans screaming, heart broken and yearning for more. Chris Arreola gave it his best and brought it to Bermane "The New WBC HW Champ" Stiverne. I would like to see upcoming comet, Deontay Wilder be next to test the skills of Stiverne or will we see the Wrath of Klitschko take its turn? No question about it, the Heavyweight division is back and it will be a blast. ESPN most definitely brought the house down with this show.
    by El Dude.

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