I've got this ("Sure", plenty of wise crackers feel invited I AM SURE)...."case (case situation)" that absolutely must SUE with.
The matter...is a "Illegal censorship" (what I call it) -by- a Public Utility. Situation been ON Five years and some months.
I realize (from reading law books) that my situation is "The Right to Exclude". It is 'that' vs Public Accommodations in my case.
It IS a Federal Civil Right lawsuit. But..their law team "willing" to talk to my REP.
To date I've gone a LOT thru Avvo. Joined "Legal Shield" (as a *junior associate; spend about $650.00 over 13 mo. They "price me" $7,000.00 to take case).
Really hope to settle OOC (out of court). [I am NOT someone "lawsuit happy". Not-At-All!] for a certain $-sum. If it must go to the "official paperwork" it's gonna be a lot larger amount am seeking. [and, then..if they back off, gonna go higher than my first offer].
Totally "wrong" what been heppening to me there.
One Veterans Advocate came on my side. Henry. He sent me a good (long) list of Federal Agencies that might "like to know about this". Henry is telling me I need to go for "jobs, and pensions". I figure, long as it's gone to date, I'll just target TWO FRONTS/ from July one. This BUS COMPANY; & the "restitution".
John Wilkinson, in NEW BRITAIN,CT Ex-boxer 24-27-1 pro-am; last: Oct./92