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Thread: Dominic Breazeale has a football background. That doesn't bode well.

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    Dominic Breazeale has a football background. That doesn't bode well.

    Dominic Breazeale represented the U.S. in the super heavyweight division at the 2012 Olympics. As a pro, he's 10-0 with 9 KOs.

    Breazeale was a two-year starter at quarterback at the University of Northern Colorado. There have been other fighters before him with football backgrounds. None made significant headway.

    Ed "Too Tall" Jones and Mark Gastineau were dominant defensive ends at the highest level. As boxers, they left much to be desired.

    Too Tall interrupted his NFL career to try his hand at boxing. He won all six of his matches, but anyone that watched him in his televised debut vs. unknown Yaqui Meneses could see that he had no future in the squared circle.

    Gastineau displayed no skill whatsoever in a televised 5-round fight with Tim "Doc" Anderson. It was hard to imagine that someone so clumsy could have been such an outstanding player. He left the sport with a 15-2 record, but did he ever win a fight that didn't leave a bad odor?

    Gastineau's farewell fight found him pitted against Alonzo Highsmith. A fullback by trade, Highsmith played six seasons in the NFL after being the third overall pick in the 1987 draft. As a pro boxer he was 27-1-2, but it speaks reams that he never appeared in a bout scheduled for more than eight rounds.

    Lee Canalito, a bonafide high school football star in talent-rich Texas and later a defensive tackle at the University of Houston, never fulfilled his promise. Sponsored by Sylvester Stallone and trained by Angelo Dundee, Canalito never lost, finishing 21-0, but he was never truly tested, defeating only five men that finished their careers with winning records.

    The best all-around athlete in the history of the ring was Charlie Powell, a sensation in every sport that he tried during his high school days in San Diego. Deployed primarily as a defensive end, Powell started for the San Francisco 49ers at the age of 19, making him the youngest starter in NFL history.

    As a boxer, Powell was good enough to earn dates with Floyd Patterson and Muhammad Ali, but not good enough to cause them much trouble. He finished his career with a record of 25-11-3 with eight losses coming inside the distance.

    Perhaps Dominic Breazeale will scale great heights, but it doesn't appear that his football background will be of much use to him.

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    Re: Dominic Breazeale has a football background. That doesn't bode well.

    I have blanks about DB. My jury is still out. And a lot of the jurors are grinning a bit.

    The late, great Ken Norton was another superstar all around athlete from Diego way.

    Legends hollers so loudly about his being so great in track and field events in his birth state of Illinois that the powers that be changed the rules of that high schoolers could complete only in a certain amount of track and field events per meeting. Holla!

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    Re: Dominic Breazeale has a football background. That doesn't bode well.

    What I like about Breazeale is that he has really showed improvement from his first few professional fights. And not just small improvement, has taken major leaps in my opinion. He uses his jab more (snaps it out much better) and his punches flow much more naturally. He has improved whereas the examples above of football players really no signs of improvement throughout the course of their respective professional careers.

    I think Breazeale has the physical tools. As with many prospects at this stage of their career, we do not know how he can take a punch and how he will fare when he faces adversity. These are big questions that still need to be answered but I think he is growing as a prospect and is someone to keep a close eye on.

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