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Thread: LIKE MIKE? Is Floyd Mayweather the Michael Jordan of Boxing?

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    Re: LIKE MIKE? Is Floyd Mayweather the Michael Jordan of Boxing?

    Was looking for Lee's pendulum graphics and kinda fell over this thread. Pretty interesting topic, I think.

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    Re: LIKE MIKE? Is Floyd Mayweather the Michael Jordan of Boxing?

    If Jordan is representative of the pinnacle of the sport... and is the embodiment of the greatest basketball player who ever lived. ....Then within the context of that definition I would have to say probably not.

    But only because of a couple of untimely periods of inactivity.

    Ultimately the nominee for the best ever scenario in boxing is a discussion that could potentially rage until the end of time.

    But if we take into account Floyd's body of work within the last two decades..... he cannot be dismissed. On the contrary.....he must be embraced as one of the best ever within the context of the last twenty five years.

    Honestly I also think its a position he would have to share with Manny Pacquiao since we don't have conclusive evidence which fighter would have prevailed had they met in 2009. Even though Manny lost to fighter who would never have a chance of defeating Floyd Mayweather.

    Other than Manny,.... Floyd's timeline intersects with some of the greatest boxers in modern history.

    Early in his career Mayweather challenged Sugar Shane Mosely when he still had a 92% KO ratio at lightweight. Shane declined the offer while explaining that he needed to go to the dentist. Yet he would go onto fight Vernon Forest and Oscar Del LA Hoya twice.

    Floyd won the title from one of the most experienced and seasoned veteran boxers of the 90's....Genaro Hernandez...... at a point in his career when Genaro was considered to be invincible.

    And he did it at the tender age of 21years old.

    Floyd challenged a murderous boxer puncher named Kostya Tszyu who declined Floyds offer and eventually fought an energized Ricky Hatton instead a year later and was forced to retire before the final bell. ....Floyd destroyed Kostya's conquerer ... a tough physical brawler who had never known defeat.

    Shane Mosely destroys a human wrecking machine named Antonio Margarito whom no one wanted any part of and becomes the Crown Jewell of the welterweight division until he subsequently becomes diagnosed as a shot fighter after facing Mayweather.

    Floyd had a similar effect on Cotto also,

    Cotto was also perceived to be unfit to compete at the elite level after suffering a decisive loss to Mayweather via unanimous decision. Cotto would go onto to establish himself as a future Hall of Famer by destroying Martinez for the middleweight title.

    Canelo was said to be too green...after his one sided loss to Mayweather but has defeated the very best junior middleweights in the world today.

    Do you see a pattern emerging here?

    Floyd would have to ascend to mount olympus and defeat Zeus in a barehanded brawl to have a Career that was any more Mythic than his current resume.

    And given the length of time he's been dominant in the sport even Jordan has to appreciate his longevity and the quality of his opposition.

    Due to Floyds acrimonious relationship with the public it may take a while for fans to appreciate. But rest assured those accolades are forth coming.


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    Re: LIKE MIKE? Is Floyd Mayweather the Michael Jordan of Boxing?

    Sugar Ray Leonard maybe, Floyd? No chance

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