Here we go after a scary few days of wondering if I was going to need knee
surgery before docs found the infection. Here are the three winners for the
Sweet Science Forum.

Deepwater 2, for his leadoff post "Facts About Adrien Broner..."
This was a great post on Broner's next fight, which the author is--quite
obviously--not too thrilled with.

The Shadow, for his leadoff post in the thread "Shadow's Rumor Mill."
Everybody loves rumors, innuendos and gossip. This post, which opened the
mid-March thread, has it all. Highly creative.

Brown Sugar gives his thoughts in the second post in the "Heavyweights Cris
Arreola & Bermane Stiverne Rumble Into L.A." thread. As much as I want to see
this important heavyweight title fight, I want to see it even more after reading
Brown Sugar's post.

CONGRATS, gang! Send Editor Mike ur name and address at