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Thread: Frampton vs Santa Cruz

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    Re: Frampton vs Santa Cruz

    I like this double-end-bag-boxing-soccer-thread!

    Yeah, my son continued - at 18 he played attacker (pure, classical center with thick legs, good physique and the mentality of a striker) with a team that won their league, but due to the increased travel expenses turned down their place in a higher division. He lost some passion, turned down the ambition, and now plays for fun, parting time with Muay Thai and his work. Since some high ranked trainers told him at 15 he was more or less destined for, at least, the top national league, I'm mostly impressed with the way he has handled the shift in what his life became. At lot of young talents can't deal with that.

    @Shadow. You know your way around Scandinavia, don't you? Funny thing about Skåne: the rest of the country considers the people somewhat egocentric with a more than hard dialect to understand, and still almost half-danish (as is I, by the way - half-danish, that is). But yeah, Henke was the King of Glasgow (and did well in both Barcelona and, for a short stint, United) - and one of the smarter players I've ever seen. I remember some national games where it was the little, unnoticed things he did that really made the difference. Great, great player. You mind naming your nephew? Just being curious.

    @Skibbz. No, he never came closer to play in the UK than meeting some british team in the megatournament of Gothia Cup in Gothenburg. Around 37 000 players at the same place - its a fantastic feast of football. And yeah, I guess we sometime could have an interesting discussion about the aberrations of footballs scouting system all over Europe, with agents bribing starving mothers in Africa in order to take their young sons with them and only to dump those who doesn't succeed without passport somewhere/anywhere on the continent. Horrible stories.

    Rigo and Frampton in Belfast would be something, worth a flight to Dublin and train up north - but too much and too soon boxingwise for McGuigans lad.
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