I hear you Amayseng, i work for one of the largest drug companies in the world... we sit atop the planet like a giant tick... slowly draining the earth of it's wealth and resources while creating markets for unnecessary drugs to be sold at exorbitant prices. (if you work where I work, you know I'm just kidding)

it doesn't speak well about our health care system when underprivileged patients go to a clinic to complain about joint pains in the kneecap and are give a cane with an Obamacare logo on the handle.

boxers would literally swim from Cuba to Florida if they could to experience the opportunity of becoming Capitolists and Prize fighters (in that order).
Yet Cuba has one of the best healthcare systems with the lowest costs in the world. Drug companies literally give them inventory while charging us a fortune.
I talk to seniors every day who smuggle drugs into the country from Mexico and Canada so they can afford to eat supper every night. Seniors today are smuggling more drugs across the border than the largest drug cartels in Columbia and Mexico.

Regarding Mago... it was surreal seeing a tough guy like Mago expressing concerns during the fight while Jackson and the rest of his corner simply glossed over it. (you alright man.... you alright?...good) When a guy with an indomitable spirit makes even the smallest complaint, the corner should have taken it as a sign for their concern. I know it's a fine line to know when to push a fighter and when to pull him out... I don't envy the job... and don't want to judge the corner through hindsight. But even during the fight,.. the announcers were even talking about Mago's distressing condition.

Somebodies going to pay some huge dollars, I'm sure of it.