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Thread: Boxing ECON 102: Ratings

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    Boxing ECON 102: Ratings

    It's that time again, folks.

    The ratings for the past weekend's awesome boxing card on SHO were just revealed.

    According to Nielsen, 1.27 millions watched Adrien Broner get his rear end kicked by Argentine bad a** Marcos Maidana, an excellent figure that solidifies Broner's status as a top ratings draw.

    The telecast, originally scheduled for PPV as Broner's coming-out party as a superstar, the number falls slightly below his welterweight title bout with analyst and former champ Paulie Malignaggi -- a bout that drew 1.28 million viewers.

    His highest rated bout of the year, however, came against little-known lightweight Gavin Rees. That bout drew an impressive 1.4 million viewers.

    Experts claim Broner's notoriety is building with every passing fight, scandal and escapade, yet his number of total viewers have decreased over the course of 2013.

    What gives?

    Good numbers aside, what do you guys think? Was his latest card a success? Disappointment?

    Is his drawing power dwindling? If so, how so? I'll weigh in with my thoughts also.

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    Re: Boxing ECON 102: Ratings

    There is no doubt the latest card was one of the best in 2013...thanks to the supporting cast and to the exciting climax of the satisfying beatdown of Broner .
    .what more can you ask for.

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