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Thread: Freddie Roach Scuffles With Alex Ariza, Who Kicks Roach, in Macau

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    Freddie Roach Scuffles With Alex Ariza, Who Kicks Roach, in Macau

    The principals aren’t supposed to face off till Sunday (Saturday in the US) Macao, but some undercard action got cooking today, when Manny Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach and ex right-hand man Alex Ariza got into a scuffle in the gym at the hotel, during changeover time.
    Word is Roach entered the gym, and wanted Garcia and Rios and company to exit, as he believed their allotted time was up. Words were exchanged. Ariza, formerly Roach’s go to guy while he was Pacquiao’s strength and conditioning coach, who was booted by Roach for overstepping his boundaries, yelled at Roach. Pacquiao and Rios are not in the frame at any point, for the record.
    "Roach, get the eff out of here," someone is heard to yell in this YouTube video off Rappler.com. "This isn’t the Wild Card, b---h," is also hurled at Roach. "You don’t run this effin place," Freddie is told. The then advanced toward Ariza, while insults are being hurled at him, and Ariza throws a front kick with his right leg at the 53-year-old Roach. A security guard attempts to intercede, and more jawing ensues. Ariza, with someone standing in front of him, blocking the route to Roach, is aggressive and seems to want to up the ante.
    Robert Garcia is seen yapping, but basically doesn’t move from his spot, sitting on the ring apron. One can hear a voice that seems to be Roach calling for Ariza to be arrested, for assaulting him. The audio is off track, so it is hard to decipher exactly who is saying what. A reference to someone using ethnic epithets is made, but again, it is unclear where that accusation comes from.
    UPDATED: Another version of the video, shot and posted by Elie Seckbach, is of better quality. Seckbach is a regular at Robert Garcia’s gym and is seen by most as being a virtual member of Team Rios, basically. In this version, you can see Roach saying the gym is his, and Garcia standing his ground. Roach refers to Garcia as a "piece of s--t" and Garcia says he’s not that, and holds his cool. "Throw me out, throw me out, make me leave," yells Roach, as some of Garcia’s crew hurks insults at him and tells him to scram. You can hear someone making animalistic noises, as if perhaps they are trying to make light of Roach’s speech, compromised by his Parkinson’s. Soon after, Ariza delivers a kick at Roach, and at least two people step between him and Roach. Then, Roach addresses Rios assistant trainer Donald Leary (seen above cocking his fist, face contorted in fury, in Chris Farina-Top Rank photo) who is telling him to get out, and calls him, as I heard it, a "Mexican emeffer," which Garcia and some others react to, declaring that Roach has made an ethnic slur. Ariza then uses a derogatory word beginning with the letter F in the direction of a Roach cohort, a word which got Alec Baldwin in hot water while he was beefing with a paparazzo last week.
    Garcia then says he’s always respected Roach but not now. "Now, it’s personal," he yells at Roach, who is being hustled towards an exit. Then and chuckles Garcia smiles while Ariza continues to yell at Roach, challenges him to a fight, and mocks his speech. "Uh uh uh uh sp-sp-spit it out," Ariza says.
    In a post-beef assessment, in a SecondsOut YouTube, Ariza said Freddie’s move was "juvenile," and that he thinks Roach wanted to "kick something off." He said he felt Roach was being aggressive toward him. "He was going to hit Robert," Ariza said, and cocked his fist at him, and that’s why he kicked him. He didn’t regret the kick, he said.
    It appears that Rios, bless him, never lost his step while on the elliptical glider. Smartest guy in the room...
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    Re: Freddie Roach Scuffles With Alex Ariza, Who Kicks Roach, in Macau

    Wow, Did you see that Ariza run like a girl after he kicked Freddie. Ariza now becomes the most
    hated woman in boxing. He showed his true colors to the fans who always knew he was basically
    a nuthugger and glorified waterboy.

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