This guy is too EPIC for normal human comprehension.

At 14, he was "thinking like a Roman Gladiator, being in a perpetual state of war in your mind, yet on the outside seeming calm and relaxed."

On why he went to see a voodoo doctor, put a $100 in a jar, peed in it and kept it under his bed for three days to escape the case he caught in '92:

"In my mind I had no peers. I was the youngest heavyweight champion in the history of boxing. I was a titan, the reincarnation of Alexander the Great."

And the absolute greatest thing I may have ever heard. After winning his first championship, he would wear his belt all the time -- on the street, to parties, to the store, at home, wherever!

"Sometimes, I’d get naked and put the championship belt on and have sex with a girl."


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