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TGD, i dont think canelo is a great fighter, i think he is a good fighter and not a great boxer. floyd boxed his ears off. yes i know floyd is the best boxer on the planet, but i can see a good cotto who boxed and fought with floyd and gave floyd some fits, could out box canelo.
i can see a healthy sergio box him and win decisively. sergio has really good power when hes not boxing and moving all over the ring. when he sits down that left hand is nothing anyone wants to eat.
either way these are good matchups.
I agree with your assessment of Canelo but he does swing with some thunder. Cotto would have to box his tail off because I think Canelo is close to having one punch KO power. If he boxes like he did in the second Margarito fight, where he won the fight basically back pedaling alot of the night, then he may have a chance. However, that style is quite a departure from what appears to be the way that Roach wants him to fight.