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Thread: Boxing Bios - Need Help

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    Re: Boxing Bios - Need Help

    Putting this up top for one more round, hoping for feedback! Also, waiting to hear back from editor Mike about what he thinks about publishing!

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    Re: Boxing Bios - Need Help

    Hope he likes it! If not, pitch it to other sites also! Who knows, maybe you can start an old boxing bio page at some site.

    Just Google some sites. You'll find someone who'd love it -- if anything for the novelty and for having it there.

    Just give them a list of 5-10 people who you'll do bios on, do a brief synopsis/description on why they're relevant (lost files, for instance).

    Even better, if you can find some coaches to speak on some of these guys and insert the quotes, you could have some compelling reads!

    Some friendly advice:

    They're kinda long and a little too hard for the modern media consumer to digest (people have short attention spans nowadays).

    Miguel, if I were you, I'd do them in parts and build a little anticipation and intrigue. That way if you only do five bios, you now have 15 submissions.

    Or say you pitch 3-5 bios in three parts. If whoever takes them likes them and they're well-received, you can now start to negotiate a little for the remaining ones. Who knows, you might make a few bucks! People are always interested in past pugilists.

    If you want some tips on writing, I have a thing I put together for seminars in journalistic writing. (I was supposed to be teaching journalism at different colleges in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale so I have some good stuff there. I also was consulting editor for an upstart university magazine so I have some material.)

    There are some good principles, some gems. Just PM me and I'll be glad to shoot it to you.

    Also, if you want some info on some old-schoolers and some little known facts, holla at RG. I'm sure he'll be glad to answer some questions off-the-record for background.

    Best of luck, brother!
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