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Thread: Happy B-Day to Hulkquez

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    Happy B-Day to Hulkquez

    Wow! You da MAN! Go through puberty a second time, you CAN! The "Fallen" Angel Heredia has the best roids and PEDs in the cosmos. He has made Hulkquez's @$$ da boss. Dude told Da BobFather, Buffet Bradley and Sin City to fudge off about being tested for dat syet by VADA. Nevada State -- broke-money bytch -- needs the dinero that Hulkquez's fanfaronades and followers will bring to Sin City. What a capitalistic pig PITY!

    Taking that Fallen Angel's juice and jive have made Hulkquez's 40-years old the new 19-years old. Dude got triple muscles. Freaky deaky! His arse is gonna pop a leaky leaky! Hehehe!

    Bradley may just use his big-@ss Cali Cranium to pop loose and burst open those hard-on roids-and-PEDs muscles of Hulkquez. Those cheat muscles have been known to pop loose and burst open on extremed muscle-body building misfits. Holla!
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