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Thread: Fans Like Third Round of Figueroa-Arakawa Best of All

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    Fans Like Third Round of Figueroa-Arakawa Best of All

    he fans have spoken and Round 3 is the overwhelming favorite from Saturday’s classic slugfest between Omar Figueroa and Nihito Arakawa. During re-airings of this past Saturday’s SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING telecast, fans were encouraged to Tweet their favorite round of the tripleheader. The results were clear and, in the eye of the fans, Round 3 of the Fight of the Year candidate is their No. 1 choice.
    We encourage you to check out the link below to view the 3rd Round in its entirety. And SHOWTIME would like to congratulate both Figueroa and Arakawa for the tremendous heart they displayed in Saturday’s brutal war.
    Here is the brutal/beautiful three minutes.

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    Re: Fans Like Third Round of Figueroa-Arakawa Best of All

    This was only the second or third time My grandson has watched a full fight with me... yes he's what you would call a very casual fan... unless there's otherworldly action or traumatizing KO's,.. he'd rather be listening to M & M or watching Anime' videos. The only thing missing from the fight was Figueroa putting a Goku-like Kame-Hame-Ha finisher on Arakawa. These are the types of fights that draw in the casual fans... not Rigo vs Donaire masterpieces... too bad the guys who engage in these types of battles can't last as long as the Bhop's or Wlad Klitschkos of the world

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