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Thread: Big heavyweight fight

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    Big heavyweight fight

    It's official Haye vs Fury Sep 28 who y'all got?

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    Re: Big heavyweight fight

    It is going to be a thrilla and chilla and a blood spilla. And the distant cousin of Irish GOAT Ali is going to be a slick-fighting killa! Tyson "Fists of" Fury by clear-cut decision. Hayemaker is going to talk a good fight. But he'll look like syet. Tyson is gonna be outta sight. Don't be surprised if Hayemaker does a Night Train on-the-stool quit. Holla!
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    Re: Big heavyweight fight

    Quote Originally Posted by ali View Post
    It's official Haye vs Fury Sep 28 who y'all got?
    I can't wait for this fight !! The press conferences will be more entertaining then the rest of the heavies actually fighting. I want to say haye, because he put on a clinic vs the hairy Russian monster . On the other hand the traveler , Fury can use back alley tactics and take haye out. I can't decide and will be looking forward to it because it will be a real fight. Haye might actually try and blast him out right off the bat. Either way it will be the most exciting buildup in all of heavyweight boxing. Sorry klits.

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