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Thread: Next Cotto Fight Not Yet Finalized

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    Next Cotto Fight Not Yet Finalized

    A well wisher has already bought AJ Galante, the manager of Delvin Rodriguez, a celebratory pizza, to signify excitement at a forthcoming clash between Rodriguez and Miguel Cotto.
    Not so fast, Galante told the pizza guy, nothing is set yet.
    "Nothing is confirmed yet," Galante told TSS on Thursday. "I spoke to Delvin’s promoter Joe DeGuardia on Wednesday, but nothing is confirmed. He said it’s close but that a few other players are in the mix. Joe is like me, cautious, so we don’t get too excited. I hoped to have known by now, but I hope to know by tomorrow."
    He said it looks like the 32-year-old Cotto (37-4) will look to reverse a two-fight slide on October 5, in Florida. Galante, who has helmed Rodriguez since 2011, since his first fight against Pawel Wolak, a certified classic, said he knows many fans still think of Rodriguez in the context of his disappointing outing against Austin Trout (June 2, 2012 UD12 loss, picture above from that bout). "Delvin’s been busy after the Trout fiasco, and after his last win, against Freddy Hernandez, I said to Joe, ’Let’s get the toughest guy available.’ In the back of my mind, I knew Cotto was looking to come back and it’s no secret he’s not looking for a super-tough fight. Delvin is not considered elite, even though I think he should be. He’s 33, he’s getting up there. But I think if we get the fight, we will shock a lot of people. Hopefully it gets done.
    "Styles make matches and the very exciting X factor is both Delvin and Cotto have something to prove. And with Cotto bringing in Freddie Roach and Freddie having a lot to prove with a couple recent losses, so it makes for a really, really great fight. Delvin knows he’s being judged from the Trout fight and Cotto had two tough losses. It would definitely be electric and I like Delvin’s chances. I think Delvin deserves the fight and it’s up to the powers that be, and hopefully it’s all for the best."

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    Re: Next Cotto Fight Not Yet Finalized

    I give it up to MC. Dude has boksingero cojones, and is always taking hard fights. He is in the game to FIGHT for sure more than to fight for prize. Holla!

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    Re: Next Cotto Fight Not Yet Finalized

    If this fight ends up playing out, it'll be very exciting. Not too happy with Cotto's choice in new trainer though

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