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Thread: Did Broner Get Under Paulie's Skin Thursday in Brooklyn?

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    Did Broner Get Under Paulie's Skin Thursday in Brooklyn?

    Paul Malignaggi, who has a way with words, did something very rare for him during the final presser ahead of his showdown and title defense against Adrien Broner at Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Saturday night: he blew off media and cameras and an opportunity to share his viewpoint.
    Exactly what irked Malignaggi to the point that he chose to exit Barclays right after he did a staredown with Broner, and paused only to answer a few questions for employer Showtime, for whom he does analyst work, isn’t clear. It looked like he felt undercut by the presence of an ex flame (or semi-flame, or sorta-flame, depend on who you ask), who was brought to Barclays by Broner to get under his skin.
    Broner chuckled after[img]http://B78B.http.cdn.softlayer.net/00B78B/thesweetscience/images/stories/boxing2/1011332_10150303822589963_1535425689_n.jpg[/img]
    and the remaining media surrounded him. He swore he didn’t bring the lady to stir up the pot, but if you believe then you have a serious issue with naivete.
    I sat next to Zab Judah, and asked him if it ever means anything when guys yap at each other during a staredown, if he could read anything by the body language and expressions of Broner and Malignaggi. Judah said it depended on the fighter.
    I don’t expect this Broner stunt to affect the bout, but one does never know. If Malignaggi were drawn into an angrier state than he might like, that could distract him from boxing his way to winning rounds.
    We shall have to see how it plays out but I will say this: I know a bunch of people saying they fear for Paulie’s safety Saturday night, but also more than a couple who like his chances to take Broner down a peg, and expose him. This is an intriguing fight, as my friend Al Bernstein might say.

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    Re: Did Broner Get Under Paulie's Skin Thursday in Brooklyn?

    He shared his view point. did you miss it?. Paul won that one. PM will always beat anyone in a war of words. Boner looked like a clown and that weekend pu$$yy sure does look like weekend pu$$yy, so broker looks like a clown for bringing PM's leftovers around town. Paulie talked the truth about haymon but you wouldnt know it from this article. sitting next to Judah is all you could come up with? The crowd was with PM . PM really made broker look like a fool. PM said what he needed and if I was him I wouldnt want to stand around with a bunch of clown writers asking stupid nonsense either. PM has business and a chip on his shoulder. Now winning is a whole other ballgame. watch the video and see for yourself. This article does not represent the press conference
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    Re: Did Broner Get Under Paulie's Skin Thursday in Brooklyn?

    Broner gets under my skin after 9 seconds.

    The guy is a fool.

    Anyone who played competitive sports at a high level

    have the ability to get annoyed and stay focused.

    My dad taught me to use that as determination.

    These are world champions.

    Not 8 year olds.

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