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  1. Re: Lemieux Batters Game Rosado, Scores TKO10 Win

    Lemieux and GGG …..that would be a great 2 or 3 round fight ..GGG can be hit and would take a couple before lowing the boom
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    Re: Manny Mocks Floyd in New Foot Locker Spot

    Manny had his problems too a few years ago… he'd be the perfect person to counsel Floyd don't you think ? …but seriously Manny won't be judging Floyd cause he seen and dealt with the temptations
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    Re: Manny Mocks Floyd in New Foot Locker Spot

    COME ON BABY !! COME ON BABY !! …hahahahah priceless !!
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    Re: TSS Readers Predictions for Hopkins-Kovalev

    The 35 yr old alien residing in the 49 yr old hopkins body will not trigger that bomb…like you say piece by piece he will render it mute …but one mistake and KABOOM ..don't count on a mistake...
  5. Re: NEW STAR ON THE BROOKLYN BLOCK? "If You're Worried About 'Triple G', There's a New Name...Lemieux"

    Yes Lemieux is a banger who comes to get the job done inside the distance (gotta love that !!) but needed polish …fighting Rosado will show if he has fixed those defensive deficiencies …the more...
  6. Re: Golovkin Trainer Says Cotto, Canelo and Ward All Go Down By the 10th

    The show down will come….GGG is going to build his BBB first….Bank account ,Brand and Bargaining power ….he's gonna be the draw …that apple won't be picked from the tree until it is ripe...

    I will forgive you for not having "Manos De Piedra" on your list ….fine story and love the fact that you were motivated by Ali's actions and mistreatment to one day lead those organizations...
  8. Re: Emanuel Augustus: The Artist on Life Support

    Best .500 fighter ever !! ….better than many "30 and 0" fighters…and entertainment factor to the max ! …"Drunken Master" will fight to the end …I pity Mr Reaper..he probably thought this was gonna be...
  9. Re: Here Comes, Maybe, Jermain Taylor versus Floyd Mayweather Jr

    like Radman has said many times before …this is PRIZE fighting ….and the powers that be see a win win on all sides …another belt for Mayweather …a sunset payday for Jermain without the risk of...
  10. Re: Jermain Taylor Beats Game Sam Soliman on ESPN2

    Sams legs looks to have lost there spring around round 6 in …saw him lifting that leg and shaking it out ...maybe the knee was bothering him then …and finally caved in in round 8 …Sam is no dummy.....
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    Re: Is Teddy Atlas Losing It?

    that's right …no wishy washy with Teddy …up front and honest to his values
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    Re: Is Teddy Atlas Losing It?

    such poise and confidence at 15 ! i see there is more than just good boxing genes in your family !…Teddy will have to take a back seat for sure lol
  13. Re: Sugar Ray Leonard Talks ESPN Fight Card TONIGHT

    yes …having to endure the hell that was Duran that nite in Montreal gave Leonard the mettle to defeat Hearns …yes it was a difficult fight but not like fighting a wolverine in a phone booth …Leonard...
  14. Re: A new star at Light Heavyweight ?…..check out Artur Beterbiev's demolition of Tavoris Cloud

    yes and to do it with such poise and balance and cutting off the ring with purpose…never out of position and in complete control …Cloud was using his legs,moving in and out and jabbing to the body...
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    Re: Pray For Dan Goossen

    RIP …you were a cool guy
  16. A new star at Light Heavyweight ?…..check out Artur Beterbiev's demolition of Tavoris Cloud

    This guy looks dangerous…size, power,balance and cool as a cucumber …Tavoris looked in good shape until the constant pressure of Beterbiev got through …after that it was like Liston-Patterson …and...
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    Re: DELIVERANCE: Sept. 16, 1981

    Cosell didn't have an ego did he lol….watched this fight on close circuit at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto …place was full …the Gardens could hold 18,000 for an NHL hockey game …anticipation was in...
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    Re: Can the Congressman Still Kayo?

    the difference is in the mobility of Manny compared to Ruslan …dance though he may Chris is in for a beating …too many angles ,feints and when he gets caught Manny will finish him ….just hope Manny...
  19. Re: Holyfield punches opponents head so hard that his glove rips up; in an absolute slugfest.

    now that was a heavyweight fight !! Speed ,accuracy and mettle in the big boys ..better than anything we'll see presently in that division ..makes you think we need a superheavy weight division to...
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    Re: Andre Ward's Lawsuit Against Goossen Dismissed

    yup time for ward to cut his losses in court and take control in the court of the ring where he can give the judges that count in this game evidence they cannot ignore …before father time enforces...
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    Re: Assessing Shawn Porter vs. Kell Brook

    Brook wasn't going to let Porter make any waves on his pond…calm and steady he controlled Porters storm easily from the onset …good decision
  22. Re: Golovkin Vs Rubio Is Next, According To Rubio Tweet

    Rubio deserves a shot just on perseverance …he's been fighting anyone who would get in the ring with him…yes for sure there could have been a better matchup for GGG
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    Re: We Need Your PxP Ratings...Send 'em in!

    like this….

    1. Mayweather
    2. Rigondeaux
    3. Andre Ward
    4. Pacquiao
    5. Tim Bradley
    6. B Hop
    7. GGG
    8. Donaire
  24. Thread: Wonderland

    by teaser

    Re: Wonderland

    I like this …the title "Wonderland " ….it couldn't have been better chosen …After all "we are all mad here " … sadly priceless and so true
  25. Re: Technical Scrap Expected, Brawl Breaks Out, Crawford Gets W Over Gamboa

    kudos to Gamboa for his guts …he went out swinging !!…but he has to learn to box!!..and for Crawford for keeping his cool and composure during the fire fight .Gamboa had total distain for Crawford's...
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