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  1. Re: Danny Garcia Stops Malinaggi in a One-Sided PBC Affair

    I think at 140 he was very solid though Heredia boxed his ears off and LM was clearly winning before catching an elbow and his eye swelling to where he could not see out of it at all.
    Garcia should...
  2. Re: Danny Garcia Stops Malinaggi in a One-Sided PBC Affair

    Appreciate BC for what he is!!
    He comes and goes months at a time
  3. Re: Mora Thinking No Contest Could Be Right Call

    Agreed Jacobs landing a right hand to the head which bent SM and sent his momentum towards the canvas..

    Shame though, had turned into a very compelling fight with Mora doing the unbelievable,...

    No snap whatsoever in Paulie's jab.

    Standing exactly sideways he arm punches with POOR conviction.

    How does a guy in the game 20 years have NO idea how to adjust technique with time?

  5. Re: Matthysse vs. Postol On For October 3, on HBO

    Intriguing fight for sure and LM is always in an active and exciting fight.

    Postal is all around solid but not proven on LM's level of competition..

    Good comments by everyone
  6. Re: Daniel Jacobs Defeats Sergio Mora by 2nd RoundTKO as Mora Suffers Leg Injury

    It would be a competitive fight between two B fighters. Seems Jacobs chin may be his undoing, he got knocked down and was on queer street from Mora of all people...

    Seemed to be on uneasy legs...
  7. Re: Danny Garcia Stops Malinaggi in a One-Sided PBC Affair

    PM has absolutely NO power , NO snap, nothing, and it is because his technique is garbage. completely sideways arm punching, no torque in his punches, no turning his hips or hitting through the...
  8. Re: Prichard Colon knocks out Michael Finney in the 2nd on PBC’s ESPN Showcase

    Finny was what 0-4-1 in his last few...But put on tv for PBC..what a sham
  9. Re: LOTIERZO: If You Buy Mayweather's Next Fight You're A Fool

    Paulie's stance is garbage, he is completely sideways so there is no chance to ever have power arm punching. He has absolutely NO torque or snap, power on his punches.

    Straight back, bend over...
  10. Re: LOTIERZO: If You Buy Mayweather's Next Fight You're A Fool

    Disagree respectfully, Leonard did NOT fight Duran's fight, he was hurt and had no choice but to fight Durans fight.

    Duran hurt SRL to the body, very early and SRL did not have his legs or...
  11. Re: The Lion Killing Dentist Story Prompts A Lion Tale From George Foreman

    That guy is a POS
  12. Re: Garcia-Malinaggi Has The Makings Of An Interesting Scrap

    Paulie goes straight back and bends over at the waist with a **** bad Floyd fake Defense.

    Paulie has NO power, but Danny has poor foot agility. This may be a bore fest.

    Jacobs and Mora had...
  13. Re: RETURN OF THE GOLOVKIN: Triple G in MSG BIG ROOM Oct. 17

    Absolutely, and for a guy for years to finally get a title and his first defense is against a killing machine...He could have taken at two easy defenses and I would not have blamed him, been bitter...
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    Re: "Southpaw" Packs A Punch

    Yikes, Southpaw yet he is an orthodox fighter? or just in the poster?
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    Re: Better UK 168er, Froch or Calzaghe?

    JC's quickness and agile hands and feet beat Froch worse than Ward did

    Ward at least clinched and stalled to where JC would be throwing 80 punches per round peppering Froch all over
  16. Re: Source: If Kovalev And Pascal Win, They Do Rematch

    Agreed, look at how many solid shots Gonz landed on Pascal with Pascal showing no physical damage, then look at Pascal after the Kovalev fight, looked like he was tortured for hours...

  17. Re: Underdog Gonzalez Upsets Pascal, On My Card, But Not the Judges'

    yep, you bend over and the only target is the back of the head then complain you get hit in the back of the head

    Reminds me of floyd turning 3/4 and Chino hitting him in the back and the ref...
  18. Re: Kovalev Smashes Overmatched Mohammedi in 3

    His length, height, boxing skills, improving savvy and power would for me, make him a favorite over Ward if he came up to 175 to take on KK next after such a lay off and crap sparring session against...
  19. Re: HBO Strongly Disputes Breitbart/Kovalev/Ammo Story

    Yep it is disturbing....
  20. Re: HBO Strongly Disputes Breitbart/Kovalev/Ammo Story

    Well put Deep..

    Yep, if the guy who shot those kids at the school could not get a gun he would have just run those kids down with his car when they got off the bus or walked out of the school......
  21. Re: HBO Strongly Disputes Breitbart/Kovalev/Ammo Story

    Agree with the all the above.

    I never thought I ever needed a gun, in fact I knew I could always fight, never had any trouble.

    One day, I had a gun put in my face by a criminal who illegally...
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    Kovalev has Stevenson scared to death. It is absolutely embarrassing AD is avoiding SK like the damn plague.
  23. Re: Mayweather Wins NEVADA BOXING HALL OF FAME FOY

    If Floyd is fighting only one last time I want to see the best out of him as he performed against Cotto and Canelo....

    Not a boring pot shot clinching anti fighting performance

    GGG would bring...
  24. Re: Mayweather Wins NEVADA BOXING HALL OF FAME FOY

    After putting on a boring abysmal display against Chino and then a clinching bore fest against Pac???

  25. Re: Rousey Knows Revenge Dish Best Served Cold; Explains Mayweather Barb


    sounds delicious
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