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  1. Re: Canelo's Physicality Will Overwhelm Khan's Speed

    Here's the thing: at some point Khan ALWAYS gets forced to exchange. Usually multiple times. Coupled with having the worst chin among all world-class active fighters (that I can think of), fighting...
  2. Re: Showtime Signs Anthony Joshua: Another Score for England in the New World Order of Boxing

    He's already superseded Harrison so you can throw that comparison right out the window.
  3. Re: Results From Manchester Frampton Outpoints Quigg vis Split Decision

    Quigg's trainer cost him that fight! If he would have told him to step it up two rounds earlier I think he would have won! Get a new trainer IMMEDIATELY. Man. That pissed me off.
  4. Re: Canelo-Khan: Great For The Fighters, Disaster For The Fans

    I don't hate this fight. I'm expecting it to be entertaining while it lasts. It's not as outlandish as some are suggesting.
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    Re: Deontay Wilder: Champion of Nowhere

    When I first started properly following the sport, around '98, the bogus belt situation was terrible. Now, it looks like a golden era! Whole sport really is a joke in organisational terms, it's...
  6. Re: Holmes Unlike Frazier Lives To See Statue Honoring Himself

    Agreed but what was it that allowed for such a great jab?
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    Re: Tyson Fury Upsets Wladimir Klitschko

    All well and good...but who won? Who went into the backyard of the most-dominant heavyweight of the past several decades and walked out lineal HW champion with nary a scratch nor a bruise? That's...
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    Re: I Am Leaving, I Am Leaving...

    See you later!
  9. Re: AVILA: Tim Bradley Deserves More Respect and Recognition

    So do I. But what are you gonna do?
  10. Re: Pacquiao On Tape Saying He's Negotiating Mayweather Rematch

    Note to Editor: I was not "enthralled" by that fight. At all.
  11. Re: Why It Matters If That Mayweather Rumor Is Truth

    It couldn't be more obvious that Mayweather has been doping. It really couldn't. Floyd is morally bankrupt. Just like when he dedicated his fight vs. Corrales to battered women, his Paquiao...
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    Re: In A Ward-Golovkin Bout, Who Is The A-Side?

    Wouldn't quite say Ward took Froch apart. Of course he beat him, but look at the last few minutes of that fight. Carl was NOT a "taken apart" fighter! Off-topic, but if any fighter of this era would...
  13. Re: How Does Mayweather Want To Be Remembered? "As An Honest Person"

    An honest person? You couldn't make this stuff up. My only question is, who read the complete works of Machiavelli to Floyd for his bedtime stories? Was it Roger? Or was it Floyd Sr.?
  14. Re: LOTIERZO: Now You Have All Reasons Needed To Boycott Mayweather-Berto

    At no point - at NO point - did I think Mayweather wasn't juicing through the Pacquiao accusation era. Hiding in plain sight. It's really pretty basic. Won't bother his acolytes, though...not one...
  15. Re: Here’s Hoping Floyd is Honest And Retires After He Beats Berto

    Here's the reality: Floyd's fights STINK. I last enjoyed watching him in 2001. He is a great fighter and he will NOT be missed one iota when he goes. He has been fully enabled by his mindless,...
  16. Re: Source: Mayweather Will Fight Sept. 12 on PPV, No "Freebie" Fight

    Gee whiz. The big one. If you buy this, you are perverted. That said: War Berto! Joking! Just joking.
  17. Re: HBO Strongly Disputes Breitbart/Kovalev/Ammo Story

    When the arms accessible by the government and the populace were roughly equivalent, the right to bear them was an incredibly enlightened piece of legislation. To argue otherwise shows an ignorance...
  18. Re: Mosley's Making It Hard To Remember How Great He Once Was

    Forrest was an horrific style match-up for Shane...but at least he had the balls to fight him...twice! If his was an era where staying in the same division for a whole career was the norm, I'm...
  19. Re: Collazo Cut, Can't Continue, Thurman Wins By TKO

    Keith ain't da truth. Brook beats him.
  20. Re: Arum, Top Rank Aim Overhand Right At Haymon; Lawsuit Seeks $100-Plus Damages

    100 bucks, huh? woof...dat's a lot of lettuce!
  21. Re: The Fifty Greatest Light-Heavyweights of All Time, Part 4 (No. 20-11)

    I honestly feel that, on his best day, Roy was invincible. Should have fought well-past it Tyson and retired in the GOAT reckoning!
  22. Re: Devon Alexander Lobbies For Adam and Eve Over Adam and Steve

    Bernie Campbell is correct; "gay marriage" is, in fact, a contradiction in terms. It cannot exist. Ergo, I have nothing against it, much like I also have nothing against dry water, or cold warmth. No...
  23. Re: Anthony Joshua Jackhammers Kevin Johnson

    The thing I like most about Joshua, other than his youth, size, power, athleticism and pedigree, is his viciousness. He likes to hurt people. A good attribute in a prize fighter I think. Can't see...

    I've got to be honest...I lost touch with how good Floyd actually is since...probably the Corrales fight. Although he didn't dazzle like that vs. Manny, the exalted level of the competition makes his...
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    Re: The Superfight Without a Heart

    I find it difficult to blame Floyd Mayweather; he fought like he always fights and, apparently, that is sufficient to satisfy a larger proportion of the public than any other active fighter (given...
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