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  1. Is Viktor Postol a Live Underdog?

    http://www.thesweetscience.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/BD7F5174.jpg Is Viktor Postol a Live Underdog? - If a boxer’s won-loss record was the best barometer of his capability, then Saturday’s fight...
  2. Re: Deontay Wilder Is In The Mix, But Must Show Improvement at Some Point

    By the way, if I am moving Wilder (after he recovers from the injuries) I am going right back to the Povetkin fight. Wilder needs Povetkin as this point of his career much more than Povetkin needs...
  3. Re: Deontay Wilder Is In The Mix, But Must Show Improvement at Some Point

    The problem with fights like these for Wilder is that they allow him to develop bad habits and get away with doing so.

    a few things I observed...Wilder still has a habit of pulling straight back...
  4. Re: Friday Recaps: Appetizers to a Deep Saturday Boxing Menu

    They both looked great. I was personally really impressed with Lipinets. Castillo is a pretty good fighter and I thought he may cause Lipinets more issues. But Lipinets destroyed him and put on a fun...
  5. Re: Rigo Stops Dickens, Flanagan Outboxes Fana in Cardiff

    Rigo-Quigg would be a very interesting fight. I don't see Quigg or his team wanting anything to do with Rigo though at the moment coming off the loss to Frampton. Quigg is looking to rebuild his...
  6. “El Rey Salomón” Guzmán se ciñe corona ante Shingo Wake

    <img src="http://www.zonadeboxeo.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Jonathan-Guzman-vs-Shingo-Wake-pelea.jpg"> "El Rey Salom&oacute;n" Guzm&aacute;n se ci&ntilde;e corona &#45;Exhibiendo una potencia...
  7. Re: Terence Crawford vs Viktor Postol Looking Ahead

    I agree, Postol is awkward and has vast ring inexperience including his amateur days. He makes for a tough fight against anyone between 140 and 147. Lets not forget Danny Garcia ducked out of...
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    Re: Rising Stars in Boxing: Episode 3

    I do like James but he is in tough against Omotoso. I thought Omotoso squeaked out a win against Vargas and gave Sammy Vazquez a very tough fight. Omotoso can punch and brings pressure. We are going...
  9. Re: If You’re Pulling For Ward, Kovalev Didn’t Scare You Off

    I just checked the odds and the fight is currently listed at -115 for each.

    My guess is after Ward's fight with Brand that Ward will be positioned as the favorite. I see him settling right around...
  10. Re: TBC Talks To Sammy Vasquez' Coach Charles Leverette

    Well done KidHersh, I love it. And I love this fight. As much as a fan I am of Vazquez, this is going to be a tough fight for him. Diaz is a good fighter and knows this is a must win for him. I think...
  11. Re: If You’re Pulling For Ward, Kovalev Didn’t Scare You Off

    As a lot of folks know on here, I have been a Kovalev fan for a long time.

    Last night's performance actually got me more excited for the Ward fight. Why? Well I am 100% convinced Kovalev destroys...
  12. Deivis Pérez es aguerrido, pero me preparé para ganar: afirma “Mamba” Auraad

    <img src="http://www.zonadeboxeo.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Henry-Mamba-Auraad-y-Deivis-Perez.jpg"> Me prepar&eacute; para ganar: afirma &ldquo;Mamba&rdquo; Auraad &#45;Los detalles de la gran velada...
  13. Re: Max Kellerman's New Gig at ESPN Seemingly Bodes Well for Boxing

    I agree that this will be good for boxing. Kellerman is good at finding openings on his shows to mention something going on in the sport.
  14. Re: Can Chris Arreola Play Heavyweight Spoiler on Saturday?

    I like the Vazquez-Diaz fight a lot. That will be a good entertaining competitive fight and very interesting match up.

    Not a lot to say about the main event though. If I were a betting man...
  15. Re: PBC on ESPN July 9 – Quick Results From Trenton

    The first fight as Bsug stated was pretty good. Ramirez looks to be a decent prospect and was in his first test against Roman. Ramirez showed decent skills in getting the win but Roman did manage to...
  16. Re: Golovkin vs brook - september 10th - london

    As I think about this more, this is a brilliant calculated risk by Brook.

    Yes he is going up 13 pounds to face a monster in Golovkin. The odds will be stacked against him.

    This is similar to...
  17. Re: Golovkin vs brook - september 10th - london

    First of all, I love the fight and am pumped.

    I do wonder what happened behind the scenes to make this happen. Golovkin-Eubank looked to be done and Brook was supposed to be fighting Vargas. I...
  18. Re: Seven Active Boxers With a Combined 956 Losses: The Professional Losers Club

    The Garcia story is amazing.

    His fight with David Reid was the fight that really finally gained him some attention. Garcia was Reid's first fight following Trinidad and supposed to be a mere tune...
  19. Re: Oleksandr Usyk is the Real Deal – But His Next Fight is Fraught with Peril

    Usyk could very well be the next big fighter from the Eastern Europe. He is one of those fighters that you watch and just see something special.

    Glowacki is no slouch himself of course having...
  20. Re: Last Minute Prognostication - Shafikov vs Herring

    Put perfectly Miguel, Shafikov's pressure and power shots got to Herring early. Herring had never been in remotely tough as fight and well did not know how to respond. The game plan went out the door...
  21. Jamel Herring-Denis Shafikov Tonight on ESPN

    When the fight between Jamel Herring and Dennis Shafikov was announced a few weeks ago, it was one of those that I circled on the schedule as a fight I am looking forward to seeing. It is an...
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    Re: When Things Get Queasy

    We are all familiar with the Gatti-Ward. It is certainly one of my favorite all-time fights. But not my favorite.

    I have always ranked Sosa-Williams I as one of the great action bouts of the last...
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    Re: Edner Cherry-Haskell Rhodes

    Bsug, as a heads up tomorrow (Saturday) is an excellent PBC on ESPN match between Denis Shafikov and Jamel Herring. I am certain this will be a solid competitive entertaining bout. And next Fox toe...
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    Re: Edner Cherry-Haskell Rhodes

    It was a tough fight to score. Agree on Cherry, he just plodded forward throwing one at a time and then would either force a clinch himself or be grabbed by Rhodes. Cherry could have made this fight...
  25. Thread: Hey guys

    by oubobcat

    Re: Hey guys

    Welcome Kid Hersh, as a fellow boxing die hard fan looking forward to some fun boxing discussion with you on the forum.
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