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  1. Re: First Direct Arena in Leeds July 30 - Weigh-in Results

    A couple of mis-matches. So what's new?

    I shall be tuning in.
  2. Re: Terence Crawford Wins a Third Belt and Other Post-Fight Notes

    I thought it was a fabulous display from Crawford, it could be the fact I'm a Bud fan, or the fact I only paid approximately 2 quid for the card.
    Good old USA greed could well price a young star out...
  3. Re: Oscar Valdez Steals the Show at Crawford-Postol

    I tip my hat to Oscar and Bud. They put on some real masterclass tonite. Megastars in the making?
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    Re: Adrien Broner Gets 30 Day “Time Out”

    Putting him in with Da Manny would have been a more satisfying punishment IMO.
  5. Re: Rigo Stops Dickens, Flanagan Outboxes Fana in Cardiff

    Quigg's on Hearns roster so that one seems unlikely.
    What is more likely is Tete who's building a nice name for himself in his adopted Liverpool.
    He looks ridiculously huge at superfly and can...
  6. “El Rey Salomón” Guzmán se ciñe corona ante Shingo Wake

    <img src="http://www.zonadeboxeo.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Jonathan-Guzman-vs-Shingo-Wake-pelea.jpg"> "El Rey Salom&oacute;n" Guzm&aacute;n se ci&ntilde;e corona &#45;Exhibiendo una potencia...
  7. Anahí Sánchez defiende corona mundial FIB superpluma

    <img src="http://www.zonadeboxeo.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Anahi-Sanchez-boxeadora.jpg"> Anah&iacute; S&aacute;nchez defiende corona mundial FIB &#45;Buenos Aires.&#45; La invicta Anah&iacute; Esther...
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    Re: Boxing: A Sanctuary from a Country on the Edge

    Thatcher, yes.

    Her impact on the working class still reverberates here, in fact they're still flogging off all our great industries for a quick buck.
    Those fat cats Blast spoke about are still...
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    Re: Boxing: A Sanctuary from a Country on the Edge

    I had no idea communism was still so feared on the other side of the pond.
    To be honest i wouldn't have thought those 'godamn Reds' would have much of a chance versus the fat greedy out of control...
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    Re: Boxing: A Sanctuary from a Country on the Edge

    It's people like yourself that keep it right Ted. All the best to you and your family. Always positive the majority of the time and we'll all keep on going fine.

    I'm sure the new avatar is a major...
  11. Re: Paulie Malignaggi Talks Prospect Sammy Vasquez

    I like Sammy a whole lot. I'd love to see him fight over on these shores.
    He's a cult in the making. It's a great match up actually, a win for either guy would surely guarantee $$$.
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    Re: Boxing: A Sanctuary from a Country on the Edge

    Thanks Ted and BS for some inspirational type stuff. Top notch.
    I wonder if humanity will one day figure out that racism is bullshit, not in our lifetimes i'm afraid.
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    Re: Golovkin vs brook - september 10th - london

    Apparently English Snr wanted to run the full show, double ticket prices, chose his own commentators etc...
    Eddie Hearn told him to beat it, thus Kel stepping into the breach.
    Are you watching...
  14. Re: Oleksandr Usyk is the Real Deal Ė But His Next Fight is Fraught with Peril

    If indeed Uysk does take this comfortably he'll be every bit as good as you'd thought.
    Brilliant match up, Uysk chins Glowacki and becomes another legendary East Euro only boxing fans have heard of....
  15. Re: Last Minute Prognostication - Shafikov vs Herring

    Ranallo for crying out loud!? What an earths all that about..

    I picture him at breakfast with his good lady, "PASS THE MILK DEAR, OH WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT, CORNFLAKES!!"
    He' ridiculous,...
  16. Re: Last Minute Prognostication - Shafikov vs Herring

    Denis the Menace. Never underestimate the little man.
    Teddy called him The buzzsaw, spot on.
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    Re: Jamel Herring-Denis Shafikov Tonight on ESPN

    Dennis is a cult dude, you cant help but love him. I shall look forward to catching up tomorrow.
    Unless its a Bob production cos' it'll be pulled offline.
    I don't know if its a Top Rank show or...
  18. Re: Itís Official: Canelo Alvarez fights Liam Smith at TBA on September 17

    Rampant capitalism rules. It's time we all took a stand but we're sucka's.

    It'll be interesting to see how many of Saul's own people fork out. Oscar was one of my fave fighters but his bizarre...
  19. Re: Itís Official: Canelo Alvarez fights Liam Smith at TBA on September 17

    Politics aside it's not as bad a match up as you might think, Liam's a tough come forward banger who'll make it fun while it lasts.

    Personally i think it'll be Boo Boo who upsets the Canelo...
  20. Re: Chris Eubank Jr. Blows Away Tom Doran in a Likely Prelude to a Match with GGG

    Jnr's dispatching all the domestic standard opponents with brutal ease, he deserves a shot at the best even if its because the majority of the other so called world class MW's are patiently waiting...
  21. Re: Thurman-Porter: When Was The Last Time We Saw All That?

    Kels a huge Welter, massive, i think he could beat Keith for sure but he must leave England.

    What is he? BA Barracus or something. Aint gettin' on no plane fool...
  22. Re: Thurman-Porter: When Was The Last Time We Saw All That?

    Marquez Diaz was certainly the better fight but this was a prime example of what the sport can be.
    Rising above the filth and degradation two superb young champs and gentlemen give a true sporting...
  23. Re: Saturday's Big Windy City Fight Card Sees the Main Bouts on NBC

    The theatre strikes again. Smashing bill from Chicago.
    Smith couldn't even have dream't it and yet here he is, bang in the mix.
    I like the look of young Hammer Lubin.
  24. Re: Lucas Browne Update: Big Daddy Gets Day in Court July 21st

    If this guy was lying in 'that' interview he's genuinely in the wrong game.
    Even Pacino or DeCaprio couldn't pull that off.

    Never ever step foot in Russia is the lesson here, as if it wasn't...
  25. Re: Jorge Linares "I Am Ready For Anthony Crolla"

    More good news for us Brits. Lets hope Rigo actually makes the journey this time as well.
    GGG, Wilder, Loma etc come on over y'all welcome.
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