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  1. Re: Pascal on Kovalev's Mind, But Ward Looms Soon

    I like Kathy Duva too, for all the reasons Mr. Woods enumerated. Diamond in the rough.....
  2. Re: Springs Toledo’s “The Ringside Belle,” Part 3

    Great piece...Mae West understood an outsider's passion.
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    Re: WILDER: "I'm Going To Hurt Stiverne"

    Elite training center, hasn't missed a day in the gym since time began, prays that he doesn't hurt his opponents too bad, is huge in size which he doesn't define with a jab, and will land first with...
  4. Re: Heavy-Hitting Trash Talk From Deontay Wilder

    I'm excited by this fight.Wilder's wild claims of invincibility, vs. Stiverne's irony. Wilder has a Primo Canera hora about him with loopholes in his game which belie his athletic whatever... Isn't...
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    Re: THE HAUSER REPORT: Roc Nation Notes

    like the thoughts on Ike Williams, deer lake, and buffer before he became the Michael...Chilled me out from the psyche thumping i took from a vulnerable woman with dangerous moves....hey Radam where...
  6. Re: WATCHING WILDER Heavyweight Punching Sensations & How They Fared

    Stiverne by knock-out...
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    Re: Straight Talk On Gabriel Rosado

    Rosado is an interesting guy, but he's got Henry Cooper skin...He should retire, and become a personal trainer or an actor...Otherwise, he'll destroy himself. Hopefully, he has more options than the...
  8. Re: Riddick Bowe Had Hall of Fame Talent, But Not a Hall of Fame Career

    Riddick Bowe and his manager Rock Newman were something else back in the daze. I think Riddick even had an audience with the Pope...But the old story played out---too much too soon...and Mr. Bowe's...
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    Re: Atlas Picks Pacquiao Over Algieri

    I like Algieri, I even put money on it, but not much....I think there's alot of weight on Pacquiao's shoulders, that is not accounted on scales of pounds and ounces...yeah, Algieri could choke, but...
  10. Re: Hamburger Helper : Klitschko – Pulev Final Odds

    my crystal ball has cataracts
  11. Re: Hamburger Helper : Klitschko – Pulev Final Odds

    Klitschko is fighting for some type of legacy (Joe Louis is bemused somewhere). He's a friggin robot. I understand we live in the age of robots, and this robot has been programmed to grab and hold,...
  12. Re: Hamburger Helper : Klitschko – Pulev Final Odds

    First off. i've never seen Pulev fight, so this analogy is in the realm of imaginary qualities of real things. Klitschko has a starlet gal-pal, he can't be hungry, he absolutely can not fight...
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    Re: A Wrinkle in Time

    Archie Moore's fight with Yvonne Duerelle sold me on boxing forever.
  14. Re: Michael Katsidis Gets Stopped in England

    You can't help but like Katsidis, but there was something wrong from his awkward ring entrance to the inevitable finish. From pressure fighter to a victim of his own masochism is a slippery slope...
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    Re: Notes and Nuggets From Thomas Hauser

    Mr. Hauser, I always read you...But come-on those Briggs-Klitchko , confrontations are as staged as Lincoln's assination....Easy fight for Klitchko, last asthmatic breath for Brigg's career---whether...
  16. Re: Context & Perspective: Leonard-Duran II vs. Mayweather-Maidana

    The beauty of clinching? I think we have a different sense of aesthetics amigo...
  17. Re: The Marksman Q n A Special: Kenny Bayless

    i don't think his job is controlling the fight...Controlling the fouls, but not the tempo of the action. I don't care how many seminars he attends, he looked like a deer lost in the headlights when...
  18. Re: Masterful Mayweather Fights Smarter, Not Harder, Beats Maidana UD12

    Not the same Maidana..Garcia's plan lacked interpretation of Floyd's plan. The referee knew his role. The show was like a dead battery. I was wrong, but I didn't get the memo...I think it would be...
  19. Re: Mike Tyson Can Still Get Heated; Feeling "Attacked," Ex Fighter Lashes Out

    Mike said it pretty cleanly, the guy was a piece of sheet.
  20. Re: Mayweather-Maidana II Lacks Intrigue of Other Famous Rematches

    Beyond the father time syndrome, Floyd's hands have been broken innumerable times. Eating a little too much fried food (unless that's an all-access hoax), and being delusional does not sound like a...
  21. Re: Mayweather-Maidana II Lacks Intrigue of Other Famous Rematches

    I'm pickin Maidana...Floyd seems tired, and almost old (I'm really old, so I know the parameters). Entourages, drain your pocketbook, trying to fill the holes in your diminishing psyche--at some...
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    Re: Tina and Manny Redux

    Mr. Hauser I've read most of your articles, and a couple of your books...This was a very sweet piece...I like you in spite of the fact you're a lawyer.
  23. Re: Why Wladimir Klitschko is Probably Much Better Than You Think

    I like Wladmir Klitchko as a person, and I tried to like him as a fighter, But he has this pathetic two by four path-finding jab, a great right hand that he occassionaly throws, a glass jaw, and the...
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    As the announcers from across the pond say Randy...Lovely story. Nat must've been a nice old guy. I met Howie Steindler owner of the Main St Gym in L.A. when I was a little kid, and he was equally...
  25. Re: GGG & Marco Antonio Rubio Hit L.A. For Wednesday Presser

    Rubio's moment of glory was against then undefeated, David Lemiux---after that it's been all downhill...He hardly threw a punch against Chavez Jr. going down to ignominous defeat. Just another...
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