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    Re: What Makes Gennady Golovkin Special

    3G starts training camp no maore than 170 lbs, he doesn't have to go to the extremes as most fighters do to cut weight just to fight 2-3 weight classes below walk around weight. He can make 154 just...
  2. Re: Rumor Says 'BC Wants Stevenson To Settle On Voluntary By Sept. 19

    so much for stevenson leaving hbo and joining team haymon for the bigger money fights huh......
  3. Re: Sergey Kovalev Is Bernard Hopkins' Worst Nightmare

    I am going out on a limb here and my money is on the krusher. I personally think his boxing skills are way underrated, because he does have plenty of it, and has the power to back it up, which...
  4. Thread: BKB fight results

    by BFF

    Re: BKB fight results

    i cant believe this ring was approved by the sanctioning body. this style of fighting cant be good for pro boxers because the wear and tear would accumulate fast in this all brawl toe toe style and...
  5. Re: Kell Brook Dethrones Shawn Porter in California, on Showtime

    i was not expecting this upset, props to KB. i really like shawn porter, he just needs to learn to take that little half step back before throwing his looping shots and throw more straights, i hope...
  6. Re: Golovkin Vs Rubio Is Next, According To Rubio Tweet

    oh come on guys, we should appreciate this fight match up after last weekends super fights on showtime(sarcasm for those whom might think im serious).....gotta give credit to Rubio for taking the...
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    Re: Looks Like Kovalev-Hopkins Will Be Nov. 8

    am i the only one excited about this fight? IMO this is 50/50 fight, but im going to favor the young gun Krusher.
  8. Re: Congrats To The Commish As He Has Rolled In TSS 1,000-Post Club

    that is true dedication!!

    Congrats Commish!!
  9. Re: Hopkins And Jones Were Admonished Yet Golovkin And Kovalev Are Adored

    3G and the krusher are not even fighting in their own backyards. These guys have basically steam rolled all opposition that would and did face them in Europe, now their conquest is in the u.s, and...
  10. Re: Hopkins And Jones Were Admonished Yet Golovkin And Kovalev Are Adored

    so what happens when 3g and the krusher cleans out their divisions? would they be be creatiqued as having the worse "sub-par fighters" divisions of all time?
    i think we need to stop trying to...
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    Re: Can Golovkin Be a Superstar?

    @ grimm
    sadly i agree....but i hope he does make the cross over into a true superstar!!
  12. Re: Andre Dirrell Absolutely Annihilates Guy, Supreme Skill

    you are too funny, i have to watch this fight and the post fight interview now...
  13. Thread: GGG = WOW

    by BFF

    Re: GGG = WOW

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    Re: Gennady Golovkin Really Good, Getting Better

    no disrespect to the first 2 comments, but i feel totally different about 3g. IMO, i think he stops jcc jr not only because of his unbelievable power, but he is a lot more skilled than most people...
  15. Re: GOOD BOY GETS IT DONE Golovkin Stops Geale In Round Three

    oh my lord, GGG!
    even after he got hit flush with a right from DG, GGG's own right was thrown simultaneously and landed flush on DGs face and dropped em, now thats what you call naturally heavy...
  16. Re: Roach Contemplating Training Camp With Pacquiao AND Cotto

    @ michael woods

    hey bro, im not trying to be an a-hole or anything, but isn't Cotto Puerto Rican? it caught my eye right away in paragraph 2, when u said the filipino and mexican were surefire...


    Awesome read my man. Im so psyched for this fight, i just hope GGG haters will give credit when he stops the real deal Geale.
  18. Re: Canelo Angry At Lara Talk, Says This Fight Is Personal

    Dang RG. How'd you know all that about the G.I's getting the freebies with all PPVs. I happen to be in the service stationed overseas for the past decade and its an amazing perk i guess. I cant...
  19. Re: Malignaggi Strikes Blow On Twitter Vs. PED Usage

    Pauline is way too salty about the loss and cant let it go, im not surprised by his little rants though. I just recently started appreciating Paulina because I've always disliked his little loud...
  20. Re: Guerrero, Lomachenko, Alexander Get Ws on Showtime

    V-Lo showed resiliency from defeat, and only validated my belief to his great future career even more!
  21. Re: The Wylie Dissection: Cotto Was Master of Ring Domain

    One word for this video..... Awesome!!!
  22. Re: World Middleweight Championship "GGG" vs. Geale Saturday, July 26, 2014 From Madison Square Garden Live on Hbo

    as much as i like Geale, i dont see him going the distatance. i see a stoppage after 7 rounds, or possibly a knockout if he does not respect GGG's power. As for Gennady, he will walk right through...
  23. Re: MASTERFUL MANNY: Pacquiao Beats Bradley, And The Judges Agree

    man that was a great display of skillz behind the mad science of manny!
    im so glad i stayed up that late here in europe to watch it. i was in my living room going crazy off my seat the whole time by...
  24. Re: Stevenson Pulls A Mayweather-Like Move On Kovalev

    @ skibbz I envy you so much and I can only imagine how awesome it was to have met and been lectured by the KRONK GODFATHER, and im pretty jealous about the cool yellow KRONK shirt you are rocking...
  25. Re: Stevenson Pulls A Mayweather-Like Move On Kovalev

    bsug, you always know what to say. i like the nice little quote from the krusher too. I just wonder what the late Great Emanuel Stewart would say about all this since Adonis was his pupil and Adonis...
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