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  1. Re: Russell Peltz on Passing of Harold Johnson


    A great fighter, who deserves to be better remembered. Thank you, Russell Peltz.

    Anyone know what happened to Oakland Billy Smith, who stopped Johnson back in '54?
  2. Re: Springs Toledo’s “The Ringside Belle,” Part 1

    Nicely done. Look forward to Part 2. Wasn't Mae's black chauffeur (among other things) middleweight Gorilla Jones?
  3. Re: TMZ Says Mayweather and Pacquiao "Came To An Agreement"

    So the truth finally got its arse off the coach, eh? About damn time too. Coupla perverts, if you ask me.
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    Re: State of Women’s Boxing 2015

    Like anybody gives a damn.
  5. Re: Rainone Fights Hordes At the Mall And Counts Down To Scrap on Roc Card

    Hey, he looks a bit like Slapsie Maxie.
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    Re: Andy Ruiz Beats Ex Champ Liakhovich

    I like Ruiz - the speed and the hard hitting. He didn't do well Saturday, despite winning, but he's been more impressive than not. Let's see how he does against better opposition. Is he too fat? I...
  7. Re: Mayweather Says "A Lot of Racism" Present in Boxing

    Can't wait for this boorish bore to retire.
  8. Re: Peter "Kid Chocolate" Quillin Gunning For Hot '15, Mentions Danny Jacobs, Andy Lee, Cotto, Golovkin

    Guy's gone from sort of champ to glorified gatekeeper. Very bad advice from Al Haymon, but Quillin took it, so it's his responsibility and his consequences.
  9. Re: Berto, Quillin, Porter, Others To March In "Rally For Justice" on Friday

    Like you have idea one what it is to be a street cop, Woods. "Love" isn't it in their arsenal, nor should it be. Only a hippie wannabe could talk such drivel. And you're kidding yourself if you think...
  10. Re: Sergey Kovalev Settling Into Fatherhood

    Kovalev's Catholic? I assumed he was Orthodox.
  11. Re: Chris Algieri On Meet 'n Greets With Eva Longoria, Sly Stallone, Mike Tyson

    I'm discombobulated! Algieri looks something like serial killer Melvin David Rees in this photo. Brrrrrrr.
  12. Re: DiBella Says Hopkins' Race Theory Is "Hogwash"

    DiBella's right about Hopkins' delusional whine. He doesn't get the attention he claims he deserves because boxing has long been on the periphery of the sports world. In addition, "The Alien" has...
  13. Re: Arguing Over Jack Johnson and White Privilege

    Um...what case?
  14. Re: Schiller Hyppolite, Super Middle Prospect, Fights Nov. 21

    There used to be a good French middleweight with the great name of Hippolyte Annex.

    And me without my violin.
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    Re: Notes and Nuggets From Thomas Hauser

    Way too many words devoted to the politically correct nonsense that is women's boxing. Nobody gives a damn about it and everybody knows nobody gives a damn about it.

    Briggs' act fact or faked?...
  17. Re: Jermain Taylor, Unrequited Love and the Unforgiving March of Time

    The "most embarrassing thing that had ever happened" ... until this article.
  18. Re: SKITS ARE SNL WORTHY: Will They Bring Briggs A Title Fight Against Klitschko?

    Still does, though rarely used.
  19. Re: SKITS ARE SNL WORTHY: Will They Bring Briggs A Title Fight Against Klitschko?

    This act has gotten so old it should go the way of the detachable collar.
  20. Re: Jermain Taylor Beats Game Sam Soliman on ESPN2

    Ha! Glad you like it, Randy G., and thank you.
  21. Re: Jermain Taylor Beats Game Sam Soliman on ESPN2

    Awful fight. Soliman is tough and no whiner, but I've never seen anyone fight so ugly. Not dirty, just ugly. Didn't he get hugged enough as a kid? Is that what the problem is? Spazzing to the left,...
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    Re: My, How Things Have Changed!

    These "Whens" really hit home, which is why I was surprised by "not necessarily for its betterment." There's been no betterment, only degradation. Once upon a time, boxing was the king of sports,...
  23. Re: N'Dam Beats Stevens in IBF Middleweight Eliminator

    A surprisingly poor fight. N'Jikam's bicycling, however effective, got tired pretty quick. And I didn't care for his showboating, which should have gotten him a trip to the canvas. Who's he, the Rich...
  24. Re: How Big Would Ali Be Today? He'd DWARF Mayweather

    "Ali always had something substantive to say." No, he didn't.
  25. Re: Sorry Mr. Mayweather, Sugar Ray Robinson Was The Best Ever

    Robinson - absolutely right. And plenty of others ahead of Mayweather, like Greb, Louis, Pep ...
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