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    Re: Bryan Vasquez loses title on scale

    Another problem, aside from the scoring issues that remain prevalent in the sport, is fighters missing weight on purpose and essentially buying an advantage knowing their opponents probably won't...
  2. Re: Name a Very Good but not Great Fighter Who Stylistically...

    I have not had a chance to chime in on this subject yet but when I first saw the topic the name that screamed out to me that would give many all time greats a tough fight is Winky Wright.

    Up until...
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    Re: Judging the Judges

    I like that suggestion and think that's a great idea. It has to start somewhere and frankly I don't have confidence in the commissions to start a grading system on their own as this has been an...
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    Re: The Ten Point Total System

    I have been on this subject for the last week begging that something needs to get done.

    As boxing fans, we all know the system is broke. We have known that for some time. And some results from...
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    Re: Gary Russell Jr. Comes Back With Win

    It was a horrible fight to watch. It was completely one sided with Martin having zero answers for Russell's speed.

    I thought at first Russell was carrying Martin. He was literally playing with...
  6. Re: Broner vs. Taylor - 2014 Fight of the Year Candidate

    Broner-Taylor was a solid professional fight. But not fight of the year by any stretch and should not really be given consideration.

    The fight I would vote for fight of the year is...
  7. Re: Carl Froch is considering retirement if he doesn't get fight with Chavez Jr. by mid 2015

    Froch is not going to retire if he does not get Chavez. I think he his frustrated right now because he knows that is a big fight that would sell out the MGM in Vegas and give him a substantial...
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    Re: Judging the Judges

    I do agree there are reasons the system has not been changed. And some are certainly political.

    But its broken. We all know that. So if we all know that, it should be time to do something about it...
  9. Re: Adonis Oblierates Sukhotskiy, Proclaims Himself the Man at 175

    Sukhotskiy was no where near a top 10 Light Heavyweight. Its a serious question whether he'd even crack the top 50 in the division.

    Sukhotskiy was in survival mode for the first four rounds....
  10. Re: Andre Dirrell Has Easy Time Of It, Gets UD12 Over Edwards

    Dirrell is working his way back. I got the impression early that he wanted to go rounds here and treated this at times like a glorified sparring session. He is of course still shaking off some rust...
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    Re: Judging the Judges

    Look, this needs to get fixed once and for all. The judging last weekend was hideous in some cases to say the least. I would really like to hear some explanations from these judges as to how they...
  12. Re: What's Your Preference: A 24 Hour Boxing Channel or 24 Hour Fight Channel That Includes All Combat Sports?

    My passion is boxing and I'd love to see a 24 hour boxing channel.

    If its done right, it can succeed. Here is how to do it right...

    Live fights are a must. As a fan, if I want to see a fight...
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    Re: Bradley - Chaves scored a Draw

    This was unfortunately a weekend of bad decisions in the sport.

    Bradley clearly controlled the early rounds in this fight and built a sizable lead on the cards. Chaves did come on strong and...
  14. Re: Khan dominates Alexander and wins via UD

    I will admit I was dead wrong on this.

    This was the very best performance of Khan's career in my opinion. His work with Virgil Hunter was really showcased here along with his natural gifts. Khan...
  15. Re: Benavidez Throws Less Than Herrera, But Gets UD12

    It did seem like the judges had their cards filled out beforehand. The margins of those cards in favor of Benavidez were outrageous.

    I had Herrera winning 115-113. I thought the rounds he won...
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    Re: KHAN IS KING, Downs Devon Alexander Easily

    That was a tremendous performance by Khan. Overall, probably the best of his career.

    He completely took Alexander out of his rhythm. Alexander could not get into range and could not get off his...
  17. Re: Boxing Odds – Korobov vs. Lee for Vacant WBO World Middleweight Title December 13!

    I like Korobov here too but believe Lee has a legitimate punchers chance here (as a matter of fact his only chance).

    Last December, Korobov fought Derek Edwards. In the first round, Edwards hurt...
  18. Re: Erislandy Lara defeats Ishe Smith,retains title

    I think the low expectations made this fight look better. I was not expecting much and was surprised that there was some action between Lara and Smith. Smith had some success and Lara was not always...
  19. Re: Andy Lee believes his experience will make the difference against Korobov

    Lee was looking like a shopworn fighter in his last fight against John Jackson until he rallied to score a spectacular one punch KO. Was Lee drained by going down to 154 and was he in fact showing...
  20. Re: Amir Khan "I'm not making mistakes in this fight, I'll do what I do best"

    Amongst other reasons I think Khan is getting ko'd tonight, one is that his focus is not on Alexander. It is on Mayweather and getting that fight.

    I think Khan is concerned that even with a win he...
  21. Re: Mauricio Herrera and Jose Benavidez Jr. Weigh in for Dec 13 event

    I don't know why but this fight is getting very little press. But it is a very intriguing fight and should be a very competitive entertaining fight to watch.

    I like Herrera here. Regardless of...
  22. Re: Andre Berto gives his insight on #BradleyChaves and #KhanAlexander. Who do you like?

    I've got my gentleman's bet on with Radam tonight and am going with Alexander by mid round knockout. I see Khan having success early but Alexander getting the timing down within a few rounds and...
  23. Re: Keith Thurman will defend his belt against undefeated Leonard Bundu this Saturday, Dec 13

    I think Thurman will get Bundu out of there relatively early. Thurman has legit power and Bundu will give him plenty of opportunities to land. I don't think Bundu has the power to get Thurman's...
  24. Re: Khan vs. Alexander, Thurman vs. Bundu, Mares vs. Ramirez, Charlo vs. Bottai

    I think Khan-Alexander is going to be a good one and provide more action than a lot of fans are expecting. I am on record saying an Alexander stoppage in this one.

    I have not seen Bundu fight...
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    Re: Golovkin's Buster Douglas

    I agree, Andrade is someone who possesses the style and pop to potentially give GGG credit.

    I had forgotten too he was supposed to be fighting this weekend against Charlo. Man that would have...
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