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  1. Re: Danny Garcia Stops Malinaggi in a One-Sided PBC Affair

    Paulie's wide, stiff-legged, herky-jerky stance seemed to be screaming one thing ...
    ...OLD MAN On deck !!
    Was this Haymon getting his revenge for Paulie mouthing off against the mega-advisor...
  2. Re: Daniel Jacobs Defeats Sergio Mora by 2nd RoundTKO as Mora Suffers Leg Injury

    Alright,... Now its time for Quillin vs Jacobs. They both seem up for the challenge and according to the New York social media, .... its a fight that must be made....make it happen!!!!
  3. Re: Bryant Jennings Adds New Trainer To the Mix

    Its hard for me to fathom how BJ survived WK.
    I think WK had another one of his bout of insecurity. Meaning that he over thinks certain opponents from time to time and becomes overly cautious.....
  4. Re: Matthysse vs. Postol On For October 3, on HBO

    You could be absolutely right Riverside, and I could be completely wrong Riverside. I've seen Postol rocked by Selcuk early their fight.

    But that's one of the fun aspects of boxing, anything...
  5. Re: Quotes From Paulie and Danny at Gleason's

  6. Re: Matthysse vs. Postol On For October 3, on HBO

    Postol may stop Mattysse if he gets wreckless
  7. Re: Matthysse vs. Postol On For October 3, on HBO

    You are sorely underestimating Postol, ...Bernie, tune in if you can to watch him out box Mattysse convincingly.
  8. Re: Matthysse vs. Postol On For October 3, on HBO

    Agreed, I have no problem with what you just said Deep, except I think Garcia stopped being a Jr Welter over a year ago, he beat every bad-boy in the division before he started having trouble with...
  9. Re: Duva and Michel Dialoguing About Kovalev-Beterbiev

    Surprisingly this is more than just talk. Some of the hurdles have already been eliminated KingBeef, Usually when contenders challenge for the title, they have to commit to additional options...
  10. Re: Malignaggi Maybe Looking for Moral Victory

    Agreed, Paulie is a skilled announcer, high energy, relevant, and usually accurate with his analysis, but physically he looks like a cream puff. Paulie is the perfect opponent for Garcia to...
  11. Re: The Lion Killing Dentist Story Prompts A Lion Tale From George Foreman

    What a cowardly kill,.... Dentist kills a friendly "tour" lion that lost its fear of mankind years ago and has been known to eat pork and beans from a can and cornflakes... This guy is truly the...
  12. Re: Matthysse vs. Postol On For October 3, on HBO

    Bad fight for Mattysse. Worst style matchup for the Argentine slugger, he'd look better against a slow plodder like Provodnikov. Postol will win convincingly.
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    Re: Why Shane Mosley is Coming Back

    At some point in life believing in yourself without accepting and acknowledging the natural process of physical decline that comes with age is a distinct liability.

    But at what point does self...
  14. Re: Duva and Michel Dialoguing About Kovalev-Beterbiev

    The possibility of this fight is great news,

    both Yvon Michel and Al Haymon are in agreement with staging the fight and are willing to fight on HBO.

    According to Yvon Michel who handles an...
  15. Re: Kovalev Annihilated Mohammedi, Further Serving Notice To Stevenson And Others

    Dude was a complete bum,.... End of story. Son is Pascal, the good news is, now the good fights can be made, I want to see Kovalev vs Beterbiev.
  16. Re: Duva and Michel Dialoguing About Kovalev-Beterbiev

    I disagree, Haymon's number one rule is to keep his fighters happy, Russell got Lomanchenko, Dirrell got Degale, and Mayweather got Pac,....also after months of chasing Mares, the Cruz Mares...
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    Re: Stevenson vs Tommy Karpency

    Trust me Deep, if the pathetic mismatches between Kovalev and Cedric Agnew, Caparello, and Mohammedi didn't run every boxing fan in the country over to the Oxygon, Stevenson and Karpency won't do...
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    Re: Better UK 168er, Froch or Calzaghe?

    Froch is far more interesting than Calzaghe if that counts for anything, his brand of trash talk is some of the funniest I've ever heard, and Froch doesn't even half to resort to profanity... but...
  19. Re: RETURN OF THE GOLOVKIN: Triple G in MSG BIG ROOM Oct. 17

    For the record Kirkland vs Canelo a hopeless mismatch, the tragic Texan hasn't been himself since he beat Tapia.

    But this is an attractive fight.

    And secondly since I'm neither a democrat,...
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    Re: "Southpaw" Packs A Punch

    Forrest Whitaker is usually great in roles like this,.... The stern, grumpy, bedraggled no nonsense, no compromising coach who draws the best out of his pupils, reminds me of the old masters in...
  21. Re: Kovalev Smashes Overmatched Mohammedi in 3

    This was perhaps the worst mismatch I've seen all year, the opponent gets paid $270,000 and the fans get robbed,..... even Sergio said what happened last night wasn't boxing and couldn't be...
  22. Re: HBO Strongly Disputes Breitbart/Kovalev/Ammo Story

    Excellent Story,

    Some interesting stuff on the gun control issue. Not surprised the story turned up false, the anonymity of the internet makes cowards and attention seekers too brave, they will...
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    Ha ha!!
  24. Re: NUMBERS ARE IN: Was PBC on ESPN A Hit, Or A Miss?

    I don't see the unholy blasphemy of a fixed fight that Deep mentioned in his comments, ...
    and that's not meant to be a left handed jab at Deep, he's just speaking his mind.

    In my opinion...
  25. Re: NUMBERS ARE IN: Was PBC on ESPN A Hit, Or A Miss?

    I read that too,.... Oscar had previously said that Lemieux was being groomed for the winner of Cotto vs Canelo,....however if you're right this is definitely one occasion that I truly hope I'm...
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