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    Re: David Lemieux Is No Puppet

    interesting …when you see how fighters are rated in our minds earlier on in their careers…GGG didn't garner so much respect for his skills back then ...check out this article on GGG on 11-02-12 from...
  2. Re: This Could Be Last Call For Paul Malignaggi...Or His Best Pro Win

    they looks like fighters from different divisions ..full divisions !
  3. Re: This Could Be Last Call For Paul Malignaggi...Or His Best Pro Win

    just looked at the weigh in pics …Paulies in for a beating …Danny is just too big for him …walk down and face-plant time
  4. Thread: BATTLES

    by teaser


    deep article …fight we must ..if you're gonna go down go down swinging
  5. Re: Who Is Deontay "The Bronze Bomber" Wilder?

    Bernie …I've been to small town Alabama and found the people to be just great …far from the stereotypical image I'd been led to believe and the one you propagate …and Deontay appears to uphold that...
  6. Re: Roy Jones Has A Better Case For "TBE" Than Floyd Mayweather

    Prime Jones toyed with opposition …never lost a round for years ….nuff said
  7. Re: The Under-Appreciated Career of Robert Guerrero

    the mans a fighter …no quit in him and that's enough for me …but not knowing when enough is enough will hurt you in this game
  8. Re: Some Connected The Dots Before Mayweather-Pacquiao

    right said fred (Frank)….lots of better match ups out there …and for free
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    Re: Shoulder Statement From Pacquiao and Top Rank

    Floyd has the goods …yes Manny thought he could win …gunning for a rematch ?…I think just another payday
  10. Re: Avila Manifesto: No More Coverage of Al Haymon or Mayweather Fights

    don't blame you …hope you get lots of support
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    Re: Shoulder Statement From Pacquiao and Top Rank

    copy and paste patsies …get a life ….Pacman lost but he isn't whining just telling the truth …He did have a reinjury to his shoulder …maybe he could have been more aggressive ..the only time he was...
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    Re: AND STIIIIIL...Floyd Bests Manny Via UD12

    ain't gonna be any rematch ….both guys are pretty well finished on the ppv stage after this ….same ole boring Floyd …Manny no longer has the magic ….what made this ppv so compelling was the chance of...
  13. Re: Roach Aims Barbs At Mellow Mayweather, His Buddy Bieber

    Iam not a Beiber fan …but his fans though young will be exposed to the sweet science …so that can't be bad …hate to be Floyd though ..hanging out with the Bieb
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    Re: Kovalev Stops Pascal In Montreal Rumble

    Kovalev just keeps getting better …what a beautiful jab !! …good movement…was intent on steaming right over Pascal …but doing that to the Haitian born Canadian was like drinking sour milk …keeps...
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    Re: So Floyd Has Been Hurting Sparring Partners...

    hard to believe that Floyd with his brittle hands would be going all out in training looking for knockouts …and breaking a hand early in the fight would be a definite detriment ….that is one of the...
  16. Re: Adonis On Bika Fight: "Fight Will Be Spectacular"

    Adonis is the one who needs to be in top form …if he doesn't get rid of Bika early he will need a full tank for the later rounds …what if he breaks his hand on Sakio's head …doesn't seem far fetched...
  17. Re: Provodnikov-Matthysse On For April 18, in NY, and on HBO

    Two rocks colliding ….something is gonna break !! …picking Matthysse by Tko or decision …but both guys may not leave that ring the same
  18. Re: THE FERNANDEZ FILES: Two Ships Passing in the Night

    Duran Barkley …Roberto's last great performance …my roommate and I watched the fight out of loyalty to our favorite pugilist expecting the worst …but after a the first few rounds we were on edge...
  19. Re: Rest in Peace, Harold “Hercules” Johnson

    Love these profiles of yesterdays warriors ….putting them in the spotlight they deserve …he was a beauty to watch …maybe Bhop did glean some advice from Harold …can see flashes of it in his style
  20. Re: Julius Jackson Whips Up Win Over Jonathan Nelson

    nice analysis …JJ jr is still on the learning curve…if he develops that defense and can crack half as good as his dad look out !!
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    Re: Lemieux Batters Game Rosado, Scores TKO10 Win

    Lemieux and GGG …..that would be a great 2 or 3 round fight ..GGG can be hit and would take a couple before lowing the boom
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    Re: Manny Mocks Floyd in New Foot Locker Spot

    Manny had his problems too a few years ago… he'd be the perfect person to counsel Floyd don't you think ? …but seriously Manny won't be judging Floyd cause he seen and dealt with the temptations
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    Re: Manny Mocks Floyd in New Foot Locker Spot

    COME ON BABY !! COME ON BABY !! …hahahahah priceless !!
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    Re: TSS Readers Predictions for Hopkins-Kovalev

    The 35 yr old alien residing in the 49 yr old hopkins body will not trigger that bomb…like you say piece by piece he will render it mute …but one mistake and KABOOM ..don't count on a mistake...
  25. Re: NEW STAR ON THE BROOKLYN BLOCK? "If You're Worried About 'Triple G', There's a New Name...Lemieux"

    Yes Lemieux is a banger who comes to get the job done inside the distance (gotta love that !!) but needed polish …fighting Rosado will show if he has fixed those defensive deficiencies …the more...
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