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  1. Re: Undersized Heavyweights Battle in Madison Square Garden

    This fight gets my vote for Bore-Snore of the Year. Jennings won a split decision, but OMG, everyone near me in press row was rooting for this to end. Painful to watch!

    -Randy G.
  2. Re: One of the All-Time Greats is in Action Tonight and Nobody Gives a Hoot

    RJJ is making a joke of himself. He has been for years. He doesn't belong in a ring other than to interview someone when he's working on HBO.

    Enough is enough!

    Even if he wins tonight!
  3. Will the Official TSS PxP Ratings Change After Tonight?

    Last month, you put in your ballots for boxing's best Pound-for-pound active fighters. The finished product read as such:


    1. Floyd Mayweather...
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    Re: Don Chargin Hooks On With Golden Boy

    Great move by GBP.

    I saw Oscar and Don in deep, one-on-one conversation a few times at the recent IBHOF weekend. In retrospect, I should have realized that was probably the start of Chargin's...
  5. Re: Golovkin, Game Face On, and Geale Make Weight at MSG in NYC

    Michael Woods joined Gerry Cooney & me on our SiriusXM show last night and talked about the weigh-in...how GGG was not his usual, smiling self...how he blew off several reporters whom he had promised...
  6. Re: Have You Ever Watched a Fight That Produced a Controversial Decision and Wondered What all the Fuss Was About?

    I saw Chris Algieri edging Ruslan Provodnikov, while so many around me had Provodnikov winning.

    On September 21, 1985, Larry Holmes took his 48-0 record into the ring in Las Vegas to face Michael...
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    Re: Fans Fury as Fury Fights Off

    Was it a stroke? Heart attack?

    Our prayers are with the Fury family?

    -Randy G.
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    Re: Tyson Fury not fighting Saturday

    I'm sure we all hope for the best for Uncle Hughie. He's in my thoughts and prayers today.

    -Randy G.
  9. Re: Everlast should sue Little Floyd Mayweather

    Very interesting. Cooney has become very close with the President of Everlast. I must show this to Cooney later.

    -Randy G.
  10. Re: Ray Mancini: "Golovkin is action packed; Canelo is an ordinary fighter; Mayweather is special..."

    I am thrilled to be having Ray Mancini in-studio withme & Gerry Cooney today from 7-8pmj (ET) on my show. I would love to hear him doing commentary on one of the boxing networks. The new Fight...
  11. Re: Trainers of top rated heavyweights Bryant Jennings and Mike Perez talk about their fighters

    I agree, RG...but only if the Mike Perez who beat Mago Abdusalamov shows up. That Perez could hang with anybody. The Mike Perez who fought Carlos Takam will lose to Jennings.

    Which guy shows up?...
  12. Re: Is There One Particular Boxing Trading Card Prized by Collectors ?

    That was a fantastic robe. I've gotta' ask Ray if he still has his robes in storage or did he give them all to charity auctions.

    Another Ray is gonna' be on the air with me tonight--Ray...
  13. Re: Report From Golovkin-Geale Presser at Madison Square Garden

    Daryl Anthony handed Mark Breland his only loss as an amateur. In the pros, Breland slapped him around and stopped him.

    I have a feeling though, on Saturday night, GGG will repeat his victory...
  14. Re: Broner rumored to fight Paul Spadafora

    I heard the fight between Broner & Spadafora was discussed but never made. Funny, but the Spadafora of 10 years ago would have beaten Broner!

    -Randy G.
  15. Re: Interesting. The Ukrainian Govt just collapsed

    Hmm. Seriously, I wonder what the Mayor of Kiev does now? With his country in shambles, does he bolt for Germany & resume his boxing career, or does he stand with his people and rebuild?

    I say...
  16. Re: Can Bryant Jennings Help American Heavyweights Turn the Tide?

    This is why we love ya' Bernie.

    -Randy G.
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    Re: Big Knockout Boxing

    Lol! I just know most of you guys are gonna' be watching.

    Find out whih one of your friends will be buying it. Then tell him you're coming over with wings and beer. He'll be inviting you...
  18. Re: Is There One Particular Boxing Trading Card Prized by Collectors ?

    Bert Sugar was a major collector of "memorabilia." My wife calls it "stuff."

    He owned seats from the Polo Grounds, the old Madison Square Garden & the former Yankee Stadium. He had jackets...
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    Re: Big Knockout Boxing

    I am curious about this new (blood)sport and will watch because of my curiosity and the fact that it will be talked about here and I want to be able to discuss it with you and share opinions.

  20. Re: Hey Harold!: Lederman on Jennings/Perez

    The Jennings-Perez fight is one of the most important heavyweight bouts of the year so far. It's not often you get two top contenders squaring off.

    Solid main & co-feature on Saturday.

  21. Re: Alexander Ustinov: What are his chances of winning on Saturday?

    Do you guys really think Chisora faked a broken hand? I have a feeling promoter Frank Warren would have been all over him from the start asking to see X-rays or proof. I have no doubt that Chisora...
  22. Re: RELEASE THE GOLOVKIN! Triple G in NYC!

    Who is "D" who can't improvise? Daniel as in Daniel Geale?

    -Randy G.
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    Re: Arum Goes All in on Algieri

    My "little" Long Island--and all 7 1/2 million of us who live here--is back on the map again, thanks to Chris Algieri.

    Dr. Algieri will be a guest on my SiriusXM show this Friday evening between...
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    Re: Shadow's Rumor Mill: Summer Edition

    I liked the piece, too, Shadow.

    Like oubobcat, I question how long 50 is gonna' hang around the sport. It takes time and money to promote fighters and build them. He's got the money, but does...
  25. Re: Hey Harold!: Lederman on Jennings/Perez

    Hopefully, Harold gets to work on the HBO telecast this Saturday. He is as much a part of that team as is Jim Lampley, Max Kellerman and Roy Jones/Andre Ward.

    -Randy G.
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