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  1. Re: Golovkin's Style, Power Means He's Capable of Klitschko-ish Domination

    I totally Disagree....

    He's an awesome fighter, and like any other fighter he has flaws that can be exploited by the right game plan & opponent....

    2015 might be a big year for Golovkin but...
  2. Re: Trainer Cunningham Says Khan's Improved, But Not THAT MUCH

    This isn't the fight I wanted to see Khan in, but it's definitely a step up from his last 3 opponents. Alexander can box, but I don't think he can outbox Khan, nor do I believe he has the punching...
  3. Re: The Golovkin Is Released; GGG Stops Rubio in Round Two

    I'm a GGG fan, but Rubio came to Collect a paycheck last night....

    He knew he had no shot to win and HBO didnt want him to win so instead of taking a long night of punishment he took a dive after...
  4. Re: Can Hopkins Do Unto Kovalev What He Did To Pavlik?

    This is an easy questions to Answer...

    YES HE CAN...
  5. Re: The NEW & OFFICIAL TSS PxP Ratings Will Be Posted on Monday Morning

    1) Floyd
    2) Andre Ward
    3) G. Rigo
    4) Klitschko
    5) B. Hopkins
    6) Manny P.
    7) Roman Gonzalez
    8) Juan Manuel Marquez
    9) Mickey Garcia
    10) Danny G/Tim Bradley

    Only 1 episode?????

    Has that ever been done before?????
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    Re: Can We Get the S.O.G. in the R.I.N.G.?

    It's sad that promotional issues has caused this man to miss this time during his prime, he's clearly one of the most skilled boxers in the game...
  8. Re: Ankle Hurting, So Canelo Dec. 6 Fight Is OFF

    Canelo fight Lara in July, his next fight was scheduled for December, what kind of "ankle injury" takes 5 months to heal????
  9. Re: If The Klitschkos Are Era's Numbers One And Two, Who Is Number Three?

    With the rise of the MMA/UFC a lot of the big guys went that route instead of the sweet science...
  10. Re: Ankle Hurting, So Canelo Dec. 6 Fight Is OFF

    In my opinion. This is more about the backlash from the opponent than from his Ankle...

    Golden Boy put the word out that Clottey was up next and were met with less than pleasant reviews so this...
  11. Re: Chad Dawson Struggles While Looking To Return To Form, Loses SD10 to To Karpency

    Dawson boxed with no passion & no sense of urgency. He said he hurt his left and tried to win the fight with jabs alone, but he never seem to concerned with throwing more than jabs... Maybe not...
  12. Re: There Are Tens of Millions of Reasons Why Floyd and Manny Should NOT Fight

    I agree with the premise of the article, having 9 & 7 PPV fights are better than having 1-2 "Superfights"

    But I've always thought that if Manny fought Mayweather and won he would retire and vice...
  13. Re: There Are Tens of Millions of Reasons Why Floyd and Manny Should NOT Fight

    Not this "debate" again
  14. Re: The Curious Case of the Not Untalented Curtis Stevens

    I was really disappointed in Stevens last night. He keeps speaking of this "eraser" left hand, but he doesn't have the Skillset to set up the punch.
  15. Re: Oscar and Canelo Announce Themselves As Present and Future Leaders in the Fight Game

    I applaud Oscar for taking the Drivers seat and stepping up to make big fights, but in my opinion Canelo's Popularity and Skill level don't Match, Oscar has to be very careful about who he matches...
  16. Re: WOODS: People Don't Grasp How Big Algieri Could Get If He Upsets Pacquiao

    Here's why I know this guy will not win:

    Reason 1: He has 0 punching power

    Reason 2: Even if the fight is close, judges tend to favor the guy who is attacking & pressing the action and that...
  17. Re: WOODS: People Don't Grasp How Big Algieri Could Get If He Upsets Pacquiao

    I highly doubt he'll win, but if he does Arum will probably make him right Bradley the give a rematch to Pacquaio....
  18. Re: Why We Can't Stop Watching Floyd Mayweather

    Johnny Manziel, Floyd Mayweather & Barry Bonds?!

    I don't see the connection.
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    Re: What About Canelo vs. Golovkin, Then?

    Not gonna happen. Too risky for Canelo & Golden Boy, if they wouldn't take a James Kirkland Fight no way would they take a GGG fight, he's just not a big enough star and doesn't really bring a big...
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    Re: Canelo Signs Deal With HBO

    Good to See Oscar back to work and making big deals.....

    I still don't think it's a good move to "threaten" to challenge Floyd on PPV, the last time HBO/Sho time challenged each other on the...
  21. Re: How Big Would Ali Be Today? He'd DWARF Mayweather

    Ali is the GOAT, and he was the biggest athlete in the world then and would be 100X bigger than Money May now, people actually LIKED Ali, he was funny, witty, charismatic & he brought excitement to...
  22. Re: Terrence Crawford a Compelling Dark Horse to Land Manny Fight in 2015

    I'm not so sure this is a smart move, Gamboa was tagging Crawford Pretty Good and had him hurt a few times, and Manny is better Offensively, with better footwork and a South Paw....
  23. Re: Source: Mayweather-Maidana 2 Projects To 925,000 PPV Buys

    As a fan I can say that I've probably purchased about 30 PPV bouts over the last 6-7 Years and some of my fight parties have been jam packed and some not so much...

    Oscar vs Floyd
    Floyd Vs Canelo...
  24. Re: Source: Mayweather-Maidana 2 Projects To 925,000 PPV Buys

    I was thinking somewhere between 700-750,000 myself...

    I guess we gotta wait for the "Offical" numbers to come out
  25. Re: Source: Mayweather-Maidana 2 Projects To 925,000 PPV Buys

    The Reason I'm asking 4 PPV numbers is because, I myself think that 925,000 number for this fight seems a little bloated, but I wanna compare the preflight "hype" of this fight to another fight with...
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