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  1. Re: Muhammad Ali and Life Lessons: Race Doesn't Matter

    For someone who came off, at least early in his career, as a black militant he sure did make a lot of white kids love him. He was the reason I started watching boxing in the first place.
  2. Re: Canelo's Physicality Will Overwhelm Khan's Speed

    Canelo is just too strong for Khan to box at ring center. Canelo is not great at cutting the ring but he will be able to impose himself physically on Khan and prevent him form boxing. Alvarez takes...
  3. Re: If not for Leonard, Hagler Could've Remained Champ Another Three Years

    Or if the fight would have been 15 rounds Hagler would have continued as champion. As brilliantly as I thought Leonard fought that night he was exhausted after 12 rounds from inactivity. I agree...
  4. Re: The Year 1976 Was The Ultimate Boxing Convergence

    I was 14 and already a big fan of Muhammad Ali and was watching fights on a regular basis on network TV. This year was just great, one of the great years of my life. Would love to relive it. In...
  5. Re: 45 Years Later, Joe Frazier Still Doesn't Get Full Credit for Winning the Fight of the Century

    Great Article on Frazier's great victory over Ali.
    I shared it on multiple boards and its been re-shared multiple times.
    Great stuff.
  6. Re: Pacquiao Is Whistling Past The Grave If He Thinks Mayweather Fights Him Again

    I don't think the writers style is negative at all. He is brutally honest. Pacquiao is not what he was in 2009-2010 that should be obvious. There is no guarantee he will beat Bradley in their rubber...
  7. Re: One Can't Fight (Fury) And One Didn't (Klitschko)

    Tyson Fury's reign will be short.
  8. Re: Mayweather Is 49-0, Won't Go, and We Still Don't Know!

    Ray Leonard would have went 49-0 against Floyd Mayweathers competition but Floyd Mayweather would not have been undefeated against Ray Leonards competition on the night Ray fought them. The End.
  9. Re: Fans Have More Influence Than They Realize Regarding Floyd's Next Foe

    Rumor is his next fight will be on CBS and not pvp so probably can choose almost any opponent. If the network is willing to pay the big bucks which it appears they might be. I would like to see...
  10. Re: Wilder Is In No Win Versus Molina, But Looking Great Won't Hurt

    The jury is still out on Wilder and this fight isnt going to tell us anything.
  11. Re: Countdown To Mayweather-Pacquiao: If There's No Stoppage The Ending Will Be Controversial

    Boxing is no stranger to controversy or politics. It would have been generous to give Alavrez 3 rounds against Mayweather and one judge had it 114-114. Lennox Lewis -Evander Holyfield 1, a draw?...
  12. Re: Jennings Is The Ideal Opponent For Klitschko To Shine Against

    Every opponent he fights is the right opponent to shine against. His competition is abysmal.
  13. Re: Countdown To Mayweather-Pacquiao: Legit Super Fight Or Manufactured One?

    I agree. I am picking Mayweather to win (think I was one of those 14 guys since we talked about it on the phone. lol).
  14. Re: With Mayweather-Pacquiao Close To Being Finalized, Now I Can Say It

    I agree with Frank and pick Mayweather to win because Floyd has the physical and stylistic advantages. Manny is a small welterweight with short arms and will have to push the fight to get inside to...
  15. Re: WATCHING WILDER Heavyweight Punching Sensations & How They Fared

    I reserve judgement until after the fight. This is Wilder's first test and there is just know way of knowing. He has been hyped but if he falls in his first big test he is Mac Foster. But if he wins...
  16. Re: Kovalev And Father Time Finally Too Much For Hopkins

    I agree with your breakdown Frank. Kovalev isn't much of an inside fighter. His left hook is not an explosive punch, he is pretty much a guy who likes to fight at long and mid range and throw...
  17. Re: For Sergey Kovalev, A Stoppage Over Hopkins Would Be Monumental

    A knock out victory would be impressive only because Hopkins has not been stopped. Mike Tyson is the only person to ever knock out Larry Holmes and that remains one of his signature wins. A Kovalev...
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    Re: The Last Golden Age of the Heavyweights

    Mike Tyson did knock out Larry Holmes who was never before or after knocked out. Holmes was 48-2 and 4 years later schooled Ray Mercer who had bombed out Tommy Morrison in his previous fight. Tyson...
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    Re: The Last Golden Age of the Heavyweights

    Mike Tyson did knock out Larry Holmes who was never before or after knocked out. Holmes was 48-2 and 4 years later schooled Ray Mercer who had bombed out Tommy Morrison in his previous fight. Tyson...
  20. Re: Still No Consensus on Rocky Marciano's Place in Boxing History

    Since I'm quoted in the article I would like to add some further commentary. The author here borrowed a bit from my article that he quoted where I have Fleischers comments used in this article as...
  21. Re: Mayweather Should Challenge Golovkin To Prove He's "OOTBE"

    How can one say Floyd Mayweather has "already done the Leonard thing by moving up from 130 to 147? " Ray Leonard fought the best of the best at 147 Wilfred Benitez, Roberto Duran, and Thomas Hearns...
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    Re: Why Martinez Must Beat Cotto

    I agree with Frank. Martinez has to win this fight if he wants the respect and big money that comes with it. He should be favored against a man who lost his attempts at the Jr. Middle titles and is...
  23. Re: Mayweather Will Be Watching Martinez-Cotto Closely For His Next Opponent

    If Mayweather says he wants to fight Martinez, and he may just announce that after the Cotto fight. HBO and or Showtime will jump through hoops to get that fight done. It's too big of a fight. Floyd...
  24. Re: No Fighter Brings Out The Cookbook Analysts Like Mayweather

    Great article Frank. You hit the nail on the head. The way to beat Ali was to pressure him, and force him to rush his punches, slip inside go to the body and make him pay for his incorrectly placed...
  25. Re: The Super Fights Of The Last 40 Years: Part Two

    *Ali-Frazier 3 I picked Ali as I figured he had more left, and was almost wrong it was a brutal fight.

    *Ali - Holmes. Ok I admit it I was a huge Ali fan and hated Holmes at the time but learned to...
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