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    Re: Post Fight Interview: Chris Algieri

    The guy's delusional- there's no two ways about it.

    And arrogant beyond belief! Even after having his *** handed to him in front of millions baying for his blood, he's still chatting macca to...
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    Re: Pacquiao Algieri Predictions

    Pacman before the bell for the 10th sounds.

    Maybe clean KO- Algieri is certainly susceptible to that, but I reckon it'll be an accumulation of heavy punishment that will stop Algieri- either the...
  3. Re: Can Algieri's Sparring Partners Mimic Pacquiao?


    This girl wants to get a stabbin' from some weak arse Algieri jabbin'!
  4. Re: Can Algieri's Sparring Partners Mimic Pacquiao?

    Yes they can mimic him.

    I can mimic him...

    Can they replicate the challenges posed by an 8 division world champ, future HoF'er and all time great?

    No chance.
  5. Re: You Missed A GREAT Fight in Sturm-Stieglitz

    No I didn't
  6. Re: TSS Readers Predictions for Hopkins-Kovalev

    Kovalev KO
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    Re: Floyd is in the news again

    Wow! You ripped into TBE there D2, put a smile on my face!

    'Smoking the fake weed with those moderate looking girls' hahahahahaha you crack me up
  8. Re: Is Mayweather the best super featherweight ever?

    Prince Naseem beats Floyd with his hands down.

    Floyd avoided Naz- jumping up weights so he didn't have to fight the master
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    Re: Styles Make Fights: GGG vs Kassim Ouma

    Still saying that GGG hasn't improved Shadow?

    I think you're watching events unfold with your eyes shut.
  10. Re: Fantasy Matchup: 2000 Floyd Mayweather vs. 2013 Guillermo Rigondeaux at 128 Pounds

    What about Floyd 2000 vs Prince Naseem 2000?

    I say the Prince by dramatic and jaw shattering KO.
  11. Re: Golovkin Trainer Says Cotto, Canelo and Ward All Go Down By the 10th

    How long was Sugar Ray's layoff before he came back and beat Hagler at middleweight?

    If Ward is as good as he likes to think, then coming back without a tune-up shouldn't be that much of a problem.
  12. Re: Golovkin Trainer Says Cotto, Canelo and Ward All Go Down By the 10th

    Able has been saying they want to clean out 160 before moving up or down for good, though I do believe the line was that GGG would move up/down if big fights presented themselves.

    I assume the...
  13. Re: Golovkin Trainer Says Cotto, Canelo and Ward All Go Down By the 10th


    In all honesty I doubt 8 pounds would make that much of a difference to GGG at all. He'd still be the same fighter in my opinion, perhaps a little more comfortable if he doesn't have...
  14. Re: Eubank Jr vs Saunders about one month away.

    I knew you'd be on this one D2.

    Eubank has been fed a diet of walking swinging punch bags thus far in his career, though his quality (when he deigns to stop show-boating and masquerading) is...
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    Re: Who killed Michael Jackson and why?

    A strange question...

    Not every major event, or event concerning a major figure need have a masterminded conspiracy behind it.

    People are far too quick to point to conspiracies and secret...
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    Re: you asked ...now you will see.

    Based on his performance last night, Murray has no chance at all. It's not that his boxing performance was weak, but the man himself. He has not punching power, and was being muscled and pushed...
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    Re: Algieri Responds To Roach Chops-Bust

    It was an SD not a UD. One of the results was 117-109. The only meaningful scorecard that night.
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    Re: GGG PPV 2015?

    Andre Dirrell?

    I say he gets flattened in about 8 or less, but the guy's making a return, and he wants big fights so he says...
  19. Re: If you captured a terroist, what fighter would you make him watch until a confession?

    Admittedly this would be better (/worse)
  20. Re: If you captured a terroist, what fighter would you make him watch until a confession?

  21. Re: Can Hopkins Do Unto Kovalev What He Did To Pavlik?

    Hopkins can play his games and pull his tricks; stall and spoil with those who are powerless to stop him, such as Shumenov.

    However against a young strong and hungry fighter, who wants to fight...
  22. Re: Fantasy matchup: 1987 Sugar Ray Leonard Vs. 2014 Gennady Golovkin -- Who Wins and Why?

    Very tough to call as Golovkin has yet to face a real master boxer yet. Maybe post GGG-SOG fight we'd have a better idea of how that fantasy fight would go, but at the moment GGG is still too much of...
  23. Re: Marco Antonio Rubio: 'I'll test Golovkin, I'm coming for the win"

    I hope it does go far flacko- the more I see of GGG in action the better!

    However, I personally doubt it will.
  24. Re: Boxing Odds – Selby vs. Brunker in the IBF Featherweight Title Final Eliminator October 11

    Should be another win and impressive display for the impressive Selby. Go on my son!
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    Re: Crazy idea but this might work...

    The problem is that Rosado has serious hear and fighting spirit. The guy comes for a scrap, unlike Sevens. Should they stand toe to toe, I'd favour Rosado any day of the week.

    So much of boxing...
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