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    Re: Best Jabber of all time...

    I love that someone mentioned Quartey.

    If you watch him in his prime, his jab was absolutely lethal and yes one of the best ever. The fight against Jose Luis Lopez was a classic display of...
  2. Re: PREDICTION PAGE: Who Do The Experts Like, Pacquiao or Algieri?

    I actually think Lomachenko has an easier time in this fight than he did against Russell. Yes the Thai fighter has a glossy record but who has he fought? His last fight in August for example he won a...
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    Re: Stiverne-Wilder is ON!

    Glad to see this fight in finally set. This will be an excellent way to open 2015.

    I have yet to decide who I am picking. Its a real tough call and one of the reasons this fight is so intriguing....
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    Re: Ruslan Provodnikov Arrives in Moscow

    No reason for this fight and why they could not have found a different opponent.

    Castillo is totally shot. But he will still try to stand and trade with opponents. And that could be a big problem...
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    Re: Pacquiao Algieri Predictions

    I really do hope Algieri makes a good fight of this.

    But when analyzing the fight, one major difference between the two is very apparent. And that is Pacquaio's considerable hand speed advantage....
  6. Re: Andrade Pulls Out of Dec. 13 Bout With Jermell Charlo

    Maybe Kirkland is giving him career advice...

    This is a terrible move by Andrade. The Kovalev example above is perfect. 300k to fight Charlo is more than fair and a statement win by Andrade sets...

    I will be watching this one as well though I try to watch as much televised boxing as I can.

    Lara needs to assert himself in this fight and use less movement. This is not Canelo or Alfredo Angulo....
  8. Re: Nadjib Mohammedi Hooks on With Ex Kovalev Trainer Abel Sanchez

    I wouldn't mind seeing Mohammdi-Monaghen. That's be a pretty good light heavyweight scrap.

    I think Mohammedi may even get Kovalev next. HBO and Main Events will try to get a name (Mikkel Kessler?)...
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    Re: Algieri vs. Provodnikov 2014

    I also had that fight for Provodnikov. But no matter who you think won it was an amazing display of heart and courage shown by Algieri.

    Speaking of Provodnikov, flying completely under the radar...
  10. Re: Broner Likely Fighting in February, in Cinci

    One opponent rumored is Danny O'Connor. Not coincidentally too he was just featured on a Golden Boy live card.

    He fits the Al Haymon mode of opponent. He's a C level fighter with not a lot of pop...
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    Re: Lost in the Shuffle

    I want to see Mansour get the Klitschko fight in the US and not Jennings.

    Yes he may get ko'd early. But he'd go down swinging and have a legit punchers chance to win the fight.

    At the very...
  12. Re: Is Alexander the toughest ever opponent of Khan? Does He?

    I think Alexander is going to ko Khan.

    Khan may have success and moments in this fight. He may even be winning and ahead on the cards. But he is chinny and desfensively very challenged. Yes I know...
  13. Re: HE'S A WLAAAD MAN: Wladimir Klitschko KOs Pulev in Round 5

    Rumor has it that Bryant Jennings is being lined up for this spring for a fight in the US.

    I think Jennings is a step above Pulev (who I always thought was just ordinary) but not sure how...
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    Re: Pacquiao vs. Algieri: Fight Preview

    I have to say Commish, I don't see it. But then again, I didn't think Algieiri would be that competitive with Provodnikov and he proved me wrong in that fight.

    The only way I see Pacquiao having...
  15. Re: Vasyl Lomachenko is not worried about facing a more experienced fighter

    I think this is going to be a good showcase for Lomachenko. Oddly, this is a step down for him in his fourth professional fight coming off the Salido and Russell fights.

    I am expecting him to get...
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    Re: Cotto vs Alvarez

    I am excited, lets hope the close the deal for May.

    I am not sure yet who I'd be leaning towards. One thing is for certain though and that is this can't be a bad fight. The styles of the two will...
  17. Re: New Boxing Series Starting on CBS Sports Network

    As most of you know, I am all for more televised boxing. This is good news for the sport. And for us fight fans, December is the most loaded month of televised fights that I can recall in recent...
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    Re: Pulev down in R1

    Pulev was tough but just didn't have the skills or punch to compete with Klitschko. At least he tried though unlike other Klitshcko opponents who just look to last as long as possible and that made...
  19. Re: TSS WHERE ARE THEY NOW SPECIAL: Courage Tshabalala

    Tshabalala was one fun heavyweight to watch. All action with a questionable chin. When he fought, someone was getting knocked out.

    I will never forget his fight on USA's Tuesday Night Fight Series...
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    Re: TSS Readers Predictions for Hopkins-Kovalev

    I thought Kovalev would win but did not see a shutout. But what a dominant performance for Kovalev.

    I still believe Hopkins fights at 50 and gets Stevenson this spring. This fight against Kovalev...
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    Re: Lost in the Shuffle

    Yeah caught the fight on DVR. What a KO that was by Mansour. Personally, I'd love to see this guy in the ring with Klitschko. He has real power and would come into that fight just looking for the KO....
  22. Re: Brother Naazim Compares Pavlik To Kovalev

    I understand the comparison but don't see it.

    Kovalev has much better timing in the ring than Pavlik ever had. Kovalev's timing is very underrated and does not get as much attention as it should....
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    Re: Hopkins vs. Golovkin Fight Floated

    Win or lose, Hopkins is fighting Stevenson next and then calling it a career.

    Its getting very overlooked here but taking the Kovalev fight is a very smart move by Hopkins and almost a no lose...
  24. Re: Bernard Hopkins-Sergey Kovalev Predictions From Lou DiBella, Michael Woods

    A lot of people are pointing to that Agnew fight saying that if he could hang in there with Kovalev then Hopkins easily can.

    But remember Agnew played all defense from round one. He was covering...
  25. Re: How Do YOU See Abregu vs. Ali Playing Out?

    Styistically Bradley was a bad match for Abregu. But also Abregu did get better after that fight. Ali has just too many defensive flaws (hands too low, pulls straight back a lot, leaves his chin...
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