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  1. Re: Quotes From Steve Cunningham and Czar Glazkov

    Mr Nazim Richardson after being near him had a distinct smell of boiled artichokes left behind after he excused himself to put a quarter in the meter outside where his car was located! Does anyone...
  2. Re: N'Dam To Battle Lemieux For IBF 160 Crown

    First of all...this is another Bull S. title! Originally Jermain Taylor's! I personally witnessed Kid Chocolate knock Ndam down at least 10 times in a fight I saw at the Barclay one night! Count...
  3. Re: Terri “The Boss” Moss on How to Build a Boxing Life

    Keep these broads out of the boxing musk, out! Im definitely not interested and frankly I dont know who is! Out Out Out!
  4. Re: Jacobs Looking At Title Defense April 11

    Too many politics in sports, too much lack of objectivity by the media, too many homers by sportscasters! Maybe we should declare Oliver McCall champ in recess! Talk about a guy with a pair of onions...
  5. Re: Jacobs Looking At Title Defense April 11

    Whats the point in splitting hairs about Jacobs! We all have our gifts Randy, Boxing so much needs consistency! Nevermind these titles given out to mascots of the sport...like I said Jacobs hasnt...
  6. Re: Jacobs Looking At Title Defense April 11

    No disrespect here but "Who the hell has Jacobs fought for a title worthy person"? I say his next oponnent should be Jerry Seinfeld! We know where Danny's bread is buttered! What ever happened to...
  7. Re: Bonte Talks About Wlad's US Return, Possible Future Foes, Allmans

    Enuf talk of Briggs as a secondary challanger to Wlad! Personally I think I would throw up if I saw another debacle of his! Are the target marketers betting on him being a good sell because he may be...
  8. Re: BRYANT JENNINGS: "Beating Klitschko Would Make Me THE REAL Champ"

    And swimming the English Channel makes us forget about Mark Spitz! Hows about doing standup over at Betsy Ross'?
  9. Re: Congratulations To The 2014 TSS Reader of the Year

    Stay tuned to Randy "The Commish" Gordon on Sirius 92 with his broadcasting partner Gerry Cooney..And his wonderfull informative guests such as Bernie from Staten Island to name a few!
  10. Re: Taylor-Mora On For Feb. 6., Legal Issues For JT Won't Impact Fight, Says Promoter

    I think this is a really good fight! But who has Mora fought in the last couple of years! Whats up with Abraham, Steiglitz, and Sturm? Please explain all of that will you?
  11. Re: Lampley Ends 2014 With Flurry Al Haymon on HBO's "The Fight Game"

    Im so tired of the showmanship and the matched unrivals of proffessional boxing that the fights that you really do want to see never materialize! The promoters play with the public eye based on race...
  12. Re: Teddy Atlas and Journo Tim Smith Starting "Sirius" Show

    Mr Atlas talked about a 24/7 boxing television network on cable at one time! I definitely concur! There is alot of talented and knowledgeable people analyzing the boxing phenomena nowadays! Hopefully...
  13. Re: Why Adonis Is Never In A Boring Fight, and Plans For Unification

    Stevenson is the Epitome of a Canadian certified Tomato Can! The guy is less than 1 dimensional! Where did he dig this opponent up? Ladbrokes gives Stevenson a 1/25 amd 11/1 for Suhdowsky! Not even...
  14. Re: Malignaggi Likes Khan To Beat Mayweather AND Pacquiao

    I keep preaching to the choir that the best and most feared fighter in that 140-147 pound division is Lucas Mathysse! He was robbed twice already! I believe hes got great connecting and head cracking...
  15. Re: Andy Lee Says Saturday Fight Is For Emanuel Steward

    This is a good scrape! Lee has more nuggets because he isnt afraid to fight anyone at his level or above a little! Korobov had beened moved extremely slow! Too slow! Had Knockout power in the...
  16. Re: Here Is Why Teddy Atlas Is A Hall of Fame Talent

    Richmond Motel 4 ever baby!
  17. Re: How Do YOU See Abregu vs. Ali Playing Out?

    Abregu vs Ali...

    Dont be so sure about the matchup? Abregu was a beast but drifted into obscurity for some good reason! Ali gets his chance to shine! Relatives on the other side (Yemen) have...
  18. Re: Melinda Cooper Fights Zenny Sotomayor in Tijuana

    You guys got to stop this Quasi legalized Pornography!
  19. Re: Bernard Hopkins is the future of boxing

    Ill neverforget that my whole opinion changed of Bernard after he adressed a Barclay Brooklyn Crowd after a win and in wich I was present and he alluded to the audience, to the kids specificly and...
  20. Re: Sadam Ali Fights Abregu Nov. 8: "I'm Ready To Step Up!"

    Radam..you nothin but a friscoe...Manny Kayos the Doctor in the first 30 seconds...mmnnnyyyyaa!
  21. Re: Sadam Ali Fights Abregu Nov. 8: "I'm Ready To Step Up!"

    Dudes record speaks for itself..Handled by his father the whole trip! Sometimes maybe a little too slow! First Arab-American Olympian that has competed this far into the zone! You dont think this man...
  22. Re: Cunningham Counts Down To Saturday Clash

    A rematch with Troy Ross!
  23. Re: Kathy Duva Just Laughs When Told Adonis Says He Wants Kovalev-Hopkins Winner

    Where the fch is Zsltd? Bring him on!
  24. Re: Kovalev Has Finally Gotten Hopkins' ATTENTION

    Fernandes, as usual you got your nose in the wrong area..East...Zsolt..You know after all invested you still smell the undarm! not the dance..the art the Corazone primo...Ya still a yokel homey thats...
  25. Re: Boxing Odds – Taylor vs. Broner September 6!

    The fight here depenz, Haydrians next venue is in Washington or Pittsburg! yowww!
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