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    Re: RIP Cedric Kushner

    Nice piece Mr. Commish, a peachy anecdote and one more reason why I look forward to reading your book. I didn't know Cedric Kushner, but had several brief conversations with him. Unlike most power...
  2. Re: Don King: The Last Roar of the Lion in Winter?

    A very cool piece by Bernard Fernandez. And I enjoyed stormcentre's feedback (LOL).

    Since I didn't bet the fight, I'm rooting for Stiverne to win so that Don King stays around a little longer....
  3. How To Judge a Boxing Match: A Short History of a Persistent Problem.

    In a previous post, newbie Demolition Dan (welcome aboard, sir) advocated ditching the "10-point must system" in favor of a system that gives a clearer picture of the action in the ring. His post got...
  4. Re: Riddick Bowe Had Hall of Fame Talent, But Not a Hall of Fame Career

    Frank Lotierzo builds a good case, but I respectfully disagree. I would put Big Daddy in the HOF if only because of his great trilogy with Evander. The first fight was a classic and the 10th round...
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    Re: Dan Goossen (1949 - 2014)

    Nice pieces on Dan Goosen by Thomas Hauser and David Avila.

    I didn't know the man, but I never heard anyone say a bad word about him -- very unusual in an industry overrun with hard-boiled...
  6. Re: The One British Heavyweight Heavyweight No Wanted to Face

    Wow, Radam. Remind me never to get on your bad side. But now that you've revealed your game plan, I'll take extra care not to leave my armpit exposed.

    Earlier in this thread, the Commish inquired...
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    Contest Winners for July 16-31

    I wish there were a way to make this determination less subjective. Anyway, here goes.

    The Sweet Science forum winners are:

    First place: Brown Sugar. Comparisons between GGG and Kostya Tsyzu...
  8. July 16-31 Forum Contest Winners Posted Tomorrow.

    I'll have them up Aug. 2 in the early afternoon my time (PST).

    There are more worthy candidates than I can select. I'd better chew on these a little bit longer. This is the only part of moderating...
  9. Re: With all due respect......JOE LOUIS IS OVERRATED

    Thank you, Doctor...Thrown at him, or thrown at you?

    I saved my Joe Louis "blasphemy" for my last post as a mod so that I could make a quick getaway.
  10. Re: Ideas For Provodnikov's Next..Rios-Chaves Winner, Herrera..And Maybe Bradley

    Another candidate for Provodnikov will emerge in a few weeks when two undefeated welterweights clash at the StubHub Center in Carson, California: Akron's Shawn Porter (24-0-1) vs. England's Kell...
  11. Re: With all due respect......JOE LOUIS IS OVERRATED

    Appreciate it.
  12. Re: Salita Running Next "Brooklyn Brawl" Sept. 18

    I love boxing at the grassroots level. Young promoters like Dmitry Salita are the lifeblood of the sport. The make-up of this card certainly has a Brooklyn flavor to it. Brooklyn has to be one of the...
  13. With all due respect......JOE LOUIS IS OVERRATED

    No boxer has inspired more monuments than Joe Louis. He is the only boxer to have an arena named after him. Statuary dedicated to his memory can be found in places as diverse as the Detroit Institute...
  14. Terence Crawford Uplifts Omaha's Modest Boxing Legacy.

    Top Rank has announced that Terence Crawford will defend his lightweight belt against Raymundo Beltran on Nov. 29. The fight will be staged in Omaha, Crawford's hometown, where he scored his most...
  15. Does Wally Matthews Still Go to the Fights?

    I was a fan of Matthews when he was the boxing writer for the New York Post. He did some TV work as a color commentator, similar to what Steve Farhood does, and I thought he was very good.

    It's my...
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    Re: Boxing-Inspired Idioms

    Very clever. Your friend didn't win, but it's obvious that he was no tomato can.
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    Boxing-Inspired Idioms

    Boxing has enriched the English language. It has produced many peachy idioms -- expressions whose meanings can't be deduced from the word combination.

    The phrase "ringside seat" is used...
  18. Another Crossroads Fight between Undefeated Heavyweights

    This one goes Saturday (Aug. 1) in Wolverhampton, England. The disputants are an Australian, Lucas "Big Daddy" Browne (20-0, 18 KOs), and a Ukrainian, Andriy Rudenko (24-0, 16 KOs).

    With his...
  19. Re: The Theater of the Unexpected: A Case History

    Two splendid examples. Weaver-Tate was a little before my time. According to boxrec, Weaver was trailing by 5, 3, and 3 points after 14 rounds. Then boom. Just as Yogi had said, it isn't over until...
  20. The Theater of the Unexpected: A Case History

    Larry Merchant is credited with calling boxing "the theater of the unexpected." An example of it -- one that remains vivid in my mind -- was the April 14, 1990 bout between Gabriel Ruelas and Jeff...
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    Re: Oscar is talking about a very good card.

    Oscar is just twittering out of his butt, chumming the water, so to speak. In an earlier tweat, he proposed a fight between Golovkin and Peter Quillin. "My Latino brother will do a number on the G...
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    Re: Diego Chaves Out?

    The backlog in filling passport and visa applications is a huge problem right now, not only in the United States but around the world. In the U.S., the problem is being blamed on a computer glitch....
  23. Re: The GOAT Ali Would've Done A Slam Dunk On This Giant B-Baller

    The video Radam posted is a great companion piece to the article by Bernard Fernandez.

    I too have a Wilt Chamberlain "brush with fame" anecdote.

    There was a brief time in my life when I drove a...
  24. Re: Celina “The Sweetheart” Salazar Wins in Costa Rica

    This info begs the question of whether Hanna Gabriel will return to the ring anytime soon. She's been inactive for 17 months since suffering her first loss at the hands of an 18-year old boxer from...
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    Re: Question about body punches

    Commish, I'm sure the answer is no since there aren't enough guinea pigs to constitute a useful sample, but I'm wondering if any studies have been done on female boxers?

    I've heard it said that...
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