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  1. Re: Peter Quillin has not signed his contract by the deadline

    Another angle could be Roc Nation trying to muscle tsAH out of they way. Pretty sure Jay Z hates tsAH -since he ripped off his wife Beyoncé . Will thAH try and boycott any fight with Roc Nation?...
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    Re: J'Leon Love Gets Kayoed on "ShoBox"

    Those are the clowns that are juiced ! Calling Garcia a rag doll . Garcia said muscles don't impress him.
  3. Re: Peter Quillin has not signed his contract by the deadline

    I agree. He already got some favorable matchmaking ,it's time for a real challenge, and a career high pay day makes it a no brainer. Does thAH want to keep the belt out of TopRank's hands so badly...
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    Re: And the next Mod is .......brownsugar!

    Cool. 202? Did you drop some lbs.?
  5. Peter Quillin has not signed his contract by the deadline

    The signed contracts were supposed to be in on 8/28. Matt K signed his and sent it right back. The fighter signed with tsAH did not send it back and instead asked for an extension. The WBO extended...
  6. Re: All Access: Mayweather vs. Maidana 2 - Full Episode 1

    That yoga instructor should have asked Floyd and his disruptive crew to take a hike.

    Floyd eats all the junk food he wants because he burns it off.

    Floyd's downfall will be because of the half...
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    Re: J'Leon Love Gets Kayoed on "ShoBox"

    Floyd's security team looks so juiced up ,it must be in the air in the Mayweather gym. Floyd should never touch them or he might fail a test.
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    Re: Hope He Does Better Than 50 Cent....

    A blind man with no arms would do better then 10 nickles.
  9. Re: Inside Maidana's Game Plan for Mayweather Rematch

    Hey Skibbz nice advice on the whiskey selection. It seems to me the Scottish island of Islay has some magic in the water. I tried some 10 yr Ardbeg and it was the most complex liquid I have ever come...
  10. Re: Boxing Odds – Taylor vs. Broner September 6!

    I can't argue with that. Broner by KO .Taylor stands in the pocket without letting his hands go. Perfect opponent for AB to stand there and pot shot while running his mouth. Just watched a Broner...
  11. Re: Inside Maidana's Game Plan for Mayweather Rematch

    That is one bold prediction Shadow.

    Hopkins is so right when he talks about stabbing a boxer with punches in between shots,it is one of the best investments in a fight but as with any investment...
  12. Re: Donaire versus Walters.... A feast for the fans.

    Good post.

    This match-up has me very excited. Two guys with power to end it at any time. Nonito is going to have to put his boxing skills and defense on display in this one.Many questions will be...
  13. Re: Alex Ariza Seems To Be Advising Floyd Mayweather

    Floyd might be advising Ariza on who to work with and will let him juice up his security team; because Floyd knows how to train and stretch without this guy's help.

    Ariza is going to wear out...
  14. Re: Sounds Like Rigo Could Be Joining Frank Warren Stable

    Yup its official. Wouldn't it be funny if Top Rank wins the bid and promotes Rigo for the fight. The more things change the more they stay the same.
  15. Re: Publicist Swanson Defends Mayweather: "Yes He Can Read"

    You did call it.

    When you called it I thought it was a funny joke.

    The joke is on us.

    I get trying to get an advantage but it just makes me sick to be honest. I want the supposed best p4p to...
  16. Re: Publicist Swanson Defends Mayweather: "Yes He Can Read"

    It's always something with Floyd. He owns the Vegas commission . Chino has the deck stacked against him. I can't wait until the fresh faces take over boxing when lil Floyd retires again.
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    Re: Martinez Salty At Pearson For Pullout

    Put $50 on red 9 and cross your fingers if your already in Vegas . See the town on the promoters arm.
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    Re: Can the Congressman Still Kayo?

    PAC has to eat some jabs for a round or two and fade back. When CA gets some bravado and steps forward that's the time MP must duck under and step to the side while firing a straight and a hook. If...
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    Re: Briggs is looking sharp.

    Cool. He is gonna make one entertaining guest. Turn down the volume on the headsets.

    Shannon is posting videos that show him working out at the gym and riding a bike at his house almost everyday...
  20. Top Rank is adding Donaire vs Walters to the GGG undercard

    Sweet card. Best of all its free on HBO. This fall is shaping up to be a good season of boxing.
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    Re: Where's The H20 At, Commish?!

    Good man! The $ donation is the most important part. Just saw Matt Damon do the challenge using toilet water. I wonder if Manny P will take up Chris A's offer?
  22. Re: Gennady Golovkin vs. Marco Antonio Rubio will be on October 18 at the Stub Hub Center

    GGG definitely uses the Mexican style of boxing, focusing on pressure and body punches.

    Floyd uses a version of the style of the Philly crab shell.

    Styles make fights and if GGG keeps winning...
  23. Re: John Molina Jr. talks about his upcoming fight against Humberto Soto

    Right on. Both of these boxers have never heard of a word called defense. I have a feeling both guys will have 40% connect rate or better.
  24. Re: Ex Middleweight Champ Jermain Taylor Arrested For Shooting Cousin

    A blast from the past:

    DiBella's official statement is as follows:

    "I have just been informed though numerous press reports that Jermain Taylor has elected to continue his participation in The...
  25. Re: Sounds Like Rigo Could Be Joining Frank Warren Stable

    Add this to the mix.

    The WBO has ordered Rigo to defend his WBO title against #1 Chris Avalos, who happens to be promoted by Top Rank.

    If Rigo doesn't fight for another belt and unify then Rigo...
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