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  1. Re: Martin Murray: "It was a tough fight, it was not just his power but the pressure, he keeps coming"

    He is going to have to move weight classes. If he stays at 160, he will get diagnosed with a slight case of Roy Jones disease where your great but those around you are mediocre. He and his trainer...
  2. Re: Is Cotto Now Out In The Cold? Maybe, Maybe Not

    I see your point but doesn't that same line of thinking go both ways. Cotto beat people he should have and pretty handily. GGG has made a career of beating below average guys handily. Both have...
  3. Re: Martin Murray: "It was a tough fight, it was not just his power but the pressure, he keeps coming"

    I am open for criticism on this so feel free to come with it.

    There are two guys I give major side eye to now and they are Danny Garcia and GGG. Danny I give side eye because he has caught break...
  4. Re: Thurman Knows Guerrero Went 12 With Floyd, So The Bar Has Been Set

    Saying that Guerrero went 12 with Floyd is a loaded and misleading statement. So did Zab, Baldomir, anda fat lightweight in Marquez. The Ghost only went 12 because of Floyd's style. Ghost was...
  5. Re: GOOD BOY WITH BAD INTENTIONS; Golovkin Beats Murray, TKO11

    You are 100% right and why should he? He calls shots in 90% of his matchmaking and he is not even close to a real middleweight in size. In his times when he is not training, dude is barely a...
  6. Re: A lot of people are looking reeeeeeeeeeeeal stupid right now....

    I am a cheerleader for rants and I love this one!!! Go to see you back Shadow.

    I don't disagree with your point of view and although alot of people may say you are bat s**t for pulling the race...
  7. Re: HBO Star Golovkin Aims To Deal With Murray, But Would Love Mayweather At 154 After

    I think we all know it won't happen, but what do they have to lose by saying something about it. Nothing.

    The worst that happens is Floyd dismisses it. Why not throw it out it there?
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    Re: Could today be the day?

    Commish, I am sure you hear the tone of people describing this fight. It has gone from excitement 5 years ago to overall indifference in alot of circles.

    My point in saying that is, in reference...
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    Re: Could today be the day?

    According to Stephen A., Floyd told us everything we need to know at his NBA all star game interview with David Aldridge. For those who didn't see it, Floyd simply said:

    "All reports of a fight...
  10. Re: Give It Up To Skibbz, He Has Joined The TSS 2,000-Post Club

    Amazing. I can't even get to 700. Nicely done sir. You have 2K of legitimate posts, not just filler.
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    Re: Another UFC PPV Flameout

    Adding to the last two PPV flameouts, Jones being busted for coke, and Weidman backing out of their next fight, Anderson Silva just tested positive for steroids. In addition the dude he just beat,...
  12. Re: Not Looking Past Murray, But Team Golovkin Craves Cotto in NY

    Agree with you guys statements above.

    I also think in Cotto's mind that he can beat Floyd this time around.

    It would not surprise me if he thought that at a time that I was less conditioned,...
  13. Re: MIAMI MEETUP: Mayweather Talks To Pacquiao

    Agreed. I will say it again, if it happens, it's in 2016.
  14. Re: MIAMI MEETUP: Mayweather Talks To Pacquiao

    Means little to nothing. If this fight gets made, which I still doubt greatly, it happens in 2016, not this year.
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    Re: Canelo-Kirkland is on

    I hope Rios is back because he is exciting even in defeat. However, he proved nothing to me beating Alvarado. He beat a guy who did not fight.

    I think his confidence may be back, but his...
  16. Re: Wilder Could Do First Defense In His Backyard of 'Bama

    I was referring to Wilder fighting any old bumb. If you talk Fury or against someone while paired with a good card, I think he could get 15 easy. If you have it at Bryant-Denny, possibly 25-30K,...
  17. Re: Wilder Could Do First Defense In His Backyard of 'Bama

    I don't want to dismiss what you are saying because in alot of situations inside and outside of boxing you are right.

    However, if Terrance Crawford can draw 11,000 in a state that 1 in 25 people...
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    Re: The Hauser Report: January Notes

    Call me crazy here, but I am putting two and two together and here is what I came up with:

    Floyd is obligated to fight all six fights on the Showtime deal.

    The deal runs out at the end of this...
  19. Re: Brandon Rios Makes Mike Alvarado Quit on His Stool After Three

    Congrats to Rios for decisively beating a heavy bag.

    People thought I was crazy when I said it, but the two beatings he took from Marquez and Provodnikov changed him as a person permanently. In...
  20. Re: The Ring Goes Down to Nine Issues Per Year

    Sign of the times. Print media at best is a stagnant field with no real growth seen in the future. I don't think it's a sign of imminent danger to the company, but I agree, it is about saving some...
  21. Re: Steve Cunningham will fight "Czar" Glazkov March 14 as the co-main event to #KovalevPascal

    It is not out of the question that the winner could be in line for a shot at Wilder.

    Cunningham needs this win badly to keep his career alive. At 38 years old, father time has begun to show his...
  22. Re: Roger Mayweather chats with Michael Woods on #KovalevPasca, Mayweather fighting Pacquiao & more

    After this last round of stuff, it is kind of hard to look at the Mayweather's with any degree of seriousness regarding Manny.

    You can't say that I want to fight but because of someone who...
  23. Re: WOODS: I Am Very Much Looking Forward To Guerrero-Thurman

    I think you are on it Deep. I got Thurman by late stoppage although the ghost is tough piece of iron so it would not surprise me if it went the route.

    I do believe this has the potential to be...
  24. Re: Terence Crawford Has Possibles List For April 18 Fight

    Good to see another guy trying to make formidable fights, especially after coming off an exciting fight with Gamboa where he took a few on the chin.

    All three of the guys listed are worthwhile...
  25. Re: Deontay Wilder is happy he was able to prove what he is capable of

    I might be a little sideways when I say this, but I am not sure that the Heavyweight division is as bad as advertised. It seems to me what is missing is some really good training. I don't think...
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