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  1. Re: In A Ward-Golovkin Bout, Who Is The A-Side?

    GGG's team is kind of in a pickle here. GGG said he would fight anybody from 154-168; his team put their foot their in their mouth. So I agree with Lotierzo regarding the weight; essentially GGG is...
  2. Re: Mayweather’s Main Appeal Now His Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous

    Mayweather has orchestrated his career to booming financial success. By the looks of it, he is a great businessman. But IMO the true test is after he hangs up the gloves.
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    Re: Team Provodnikov Wants Rios

    I see Provodnikov shortening Rios' career significantly, unless Rios learns better defense. But I'd love to see this fight.

    That's a great fight! I hope everyone has a safe, injury free training camp.
  5. Re: Shane Mosley To Rematch Ricardo Mayorga

    This is going to be a syet show of a fight.
  6. Re: Robert Guerrero Notches Badly Needed Win over Aron Martinez

    Just the highlights, The Ghost looks like damaged goods, or maybe he just got caught?
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    Re: 7 day weigh in and Cotto at near 164 lbs

    If Geale isn't too damaged from GGG, he's a live dog
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    Re: Time for GGG to call out Lil Floyd

    Max didn't want to admit it, but he practically said it! Sergio could have beaten Floyd! :cool:
  9. Re: 20 STRAIGHT Golovkin Gets Another KO, Monroe Is the Victim

    GGG once again showed his power, pressure, and killer instinct. But he also showed his flawed defense. If he fights the upper echelon at 168 he will have many issues. SOG beats him easily; too fast,...
  10. Re: WHAT TOOK US SO LONG? Little Man, Big Power, Chocolatito Destroys Sosa on HBO

  11. Re: Algieri Ready To Show Improved Version of Boxing Self, Put Cage Jokes To Bed

    Khan is definitely the favorite in this one, that being said Algieri is a live dog. Yeah I expect Khan to win but all Chris has to do his sit down on his punches when Khan comes rushing in and he...
  12. Re: Michel Soro demolishes Glen Tapia,Earns stoppage in fourth round

    Soro showed great patience and precision.
  13. Re: Michel Soro demolishes Glen Tapia,Earns stoppage in fourth round

    Tapia should have def taken a knee, he is too tough for his own good but he needs to learn some defense. And I don't see it improving under Freddie Roach.
  14. Re: Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Faces Potential Fonfara Beatdown

    So it appears as though he pretty much quit?
  15. Re: THERE WAS BLOOD! Matthysse Defeats Provodnikov

    Pretty much, it doesn't seem to be Wild Card's speciality
  16. Re: THERE WAS BLOOD! Matthysse Defeats Provodnikov

    Good fight, tough to score. Matthysse needed to go to the body more.
  17. Re: Amir Khan to face former World Champion Chirs Algieri on PBC Spike TV card

    I favor Khan in this fight. But if Chris learns how to sit down on his punches and move his head, he can catch lunging in and test that China chin of his.
  18. Re: Danny Garcia gets his *** handed to him and gets the W. TSAH strikes again.

    I actually see Garcia doing well against Provodnikov, as the Russian's boxing ability is limited. Garcia will have a stationery target to outbox and land that left hook. Tim Bradley hurt Provodnikov;...
  19. Re: Danny Garcia gets his *** handed to him and gets the W. TSAH strikes again.

    The dancing and prancing of LP in the early rounds really did not sit well with the judges. I thought he won the fight and further exposed DSG, I hope him and his team learn from this.
  20. Re: Quillin Power Touches Lee, But Judges See A Draw

    I am happy with a draw, although Lee did more work in the latter half; Quillen put in work in the first half.
    Quillen is predictable; he has to set his feet to punch and he throws some wide looping...
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    I see both perspectives, I think/heard that Khan doesn't like Kell Brook and therefore does not want to give him that "life changing" payday. Yet at the same time this fight makes the most sense, it...
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    Re: Pac sparring Lara?

    Good point he is left handed, and that can be counterproductive. Pacquiao needs to prepare for that straight right hand of Floyd.
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    Re: Khan vs Algieri

    Khan is a self entitled little b*tch. I also have heard that he doesn't like Special K, therefore doesn't want to give him the payday. His arrogance will be his downfall. He can't keep waiting on...
  24. Re: Hopkins at 50 will beat Adonis 12 rounds to none.

    Pretty much, Hopkins would just have to move to the left and Stevenson loses that left hand.
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    Re: Pac sparring Lara?

    I heard about this too from a buddy, he also told me that Pac is whooping Lara. My friend is also a pactard as well so Idk how true it is. But I think this is the secret weapon Freddie was alluding...
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