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    Re: KO Classics With the Roast #3

    I was in the minority on this, but I thought this fight would play out exactly how it did. I never thought Hatton was that good, especially after he was tested by an average Collazo.

    As for the...
  2. Re: Manny Wins : Who will be his next victim?

    Nope. Nothing has really changed to make this fight happen.
  3. Re: Having My Crow and Eating it, Too!

    Commish don't go hogging all the crow. Save a helping or three for me.
  4. Re: Chris Algieri Media Interview 11-17-14

    You are right Skibbz but he sounds like 90% of the underdogs in every fight. I guess they use the talk to gas themselves up and on occasion it does work.

    If you think about it, Freddie does the...
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    Re: The Tipping Point.............

    Commish you bring up a great one. My pops explained to me that alot of people were shocked at how easily Holmes smoked Shavers to even get the Norton fight.

    That fight with Norton was brutal on...
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    The Tipping Point.............

    I read a book a while ago called The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. It is a great read for anyone that is interested.

    The focus of this book is to put into context the idea of how and when...
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    Re: Algieri vs. Provodnikov 2014

    I have been on the record as saying I thought Algieri will beat Pac in one of the most awkward fights we have seen in a while.

    However, watching this does cause me some trepidation. Ruslan was...
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    Re: Best Jabber of all time...

    Holmes, Benny Leonard, Ali, Tommy Hearns.

    I know you asked for one but there are so many different types of jabs therefore "best" is extremely subjective and a wide field requiring several...
  9. Re: Chris Algieri's Trainer, Tim Lane is confident and satisfied with Algieri's preparation

    The strategy is pretty clear to me. Pac, as great as he is, does have trouble with fighters with a couple of things:

    -Alot of movement
    -Guys who throw when they are off balance and with weird,...
  10. Re: Chris Algieri's Trainer, Tim Lane is confident and satisfied with Algieri's preparation

    Although I think Algieri will figure out a way to take it, going for a KO is the least likely or effective strategy for him to win. I think they know that and C-Al will be dancing all night.
  11. B-Hop, Super Middleweight Champ?

    Bhop had an interview with Fox Sports on Tuesday where he spoke a little about the Kovalev fight. In addition to commenting on the previous fight, he also spoke about his future which I found an...
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    Re: Could Ali Have Been Much Better?!

    That thing you said about Manny and Hearns is interesting. I learned a while back he did the same thing with Klitchsko. He said that he knew that at the time Wlad's chin was a little suspect so to...
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    Re: Could Ali Have Been Much Better?!

    I agree, but could I argue that with his style being rooted much more in athleticism than technique cost him later on in his career when his natural talent began to fade? The thing that has kept...
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    Could Ali Have Been Much Better?!

    I saw an old interview with one of my favorite boxing personalities and trainers Angelo Dundee. In the interview Dundee said something to the nature that Ali did a lot of things wrong but he did...
  15. Re: Can Algieri's Sparring Partners Mimic Pacquiao?

    Easy answer is no. He can finds someone to replicate the speed, but they probably won't have the power or angles. He maybe can get someone to replicate the angles, but no way will he find someone...
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    Re: 24/7 Hopkins/Kovalev

    I get what Showtime was thinking though. If you look at most reality television, it is some version of the garbage that was on all access. Boring people trying to be portrayed as interesting, a lot...
  17. Re: Roy Jones Jr. says to beat Hopkins, Kovalev needs to be busy, and beat him mentally

    Plenty of guys have had the tools to beat Bhop. Yet so few do.

    For the last 10 years they have all had youth.

    Some have had speed, height, strength, along with what I call the raw; length,...
  18. Re: Roy Jones Jr. says to beat Hopkins, Kovalev needs to be busy, and beat him mentally

    I get Roy's gameplan and it makes a ton of sense. There is not a single thing that he said that I would quantify as untrue.

    However, haven't we heard that gameplan before? They said that's what...
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    Re: The Power of the Knockout

    I think a lot of fans have your take.

    What I do find interesting though is that if people thought Danny was good and people liked him the description of him with the exact same resume would be:
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    The Power of the Knockout

    I am an undefeated fighter..............

    I am willing to fight at different weights

    I am considered a top 10 fighter by many................

    I have an extremely successful amateur...
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    Re: Hey Harold!: Manny Pacquiao

    I am on record as saying I think Algieri takes this one, but I do not get that talk either. C-Al is not dominating or knocking out anyone. He has no power nor ability to put together punches in...
  22. Re: Hopkins pulls out the race card once more

    I think I am going to go somewhat the other way from everyone that has commented so far.

    Bernard isn't right, but he is not completely wrong either.

    Him being Black matters in this and it...
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    Re: Boxing Channel Winning Posts

    Thanks for the love Shadow. I was a little bit on the absent side these last couple of weeks trying to pull some business things together. Love the site but fam gotta eat too.

    I had a chance...
  24. Re: Amir Khan vs. Devon Alexander will happen December 13

    You guys have a much higher opinion of Alexander than I do. I don't dislike him and although he has done well in quite a few fights, when he is in the ring with someone of equal skill, he does not...
  25. Re: Amir Khan vs. Devon Alexander will happen December 13

    Very weird. Last week Khan was reported in many outlets as fighting Guerrero, now he is fighting Alexander.

    As for the fight, Khan should blitz Alexander, maybe even stop him. I don't think...
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