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    Re: Best Jabber of all time...

    The nickname "Bazooka" was fitting, he did pop it out there with some bad intentions.
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    Re: Under The Lights: Pacquiao-Algieri

    I thought it was interesting too, how Virgil pointed out how Chris was holding his left against Prov. (pointed straight down)
    he has gotta keep it Pac's face, but it will only delay the inevitable.
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    Re: Best Jabber of all time...

    Holmes, Ali, Liston, Quartey
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    Re: Pacquiao Algieri Predictions

    Pac by UD or doc stoppage. Algieri just doesn't have enough pop to get Pac's respect, and keep him off.
  5. Re: Wladimir Klitschko Would've Been A Title Threat In Any Era

    The K bros, would have been in the mix, but I can't agree with them dominating. I personally would favor Vitali's chances over Wlad's due to VK's toughness. The skill level of the 70'-90's HWs is...
  6. Re: HE'S A WLAAAD MAN: Wladimir Klitschko KOs Pulev in Round 5

    Domenic, I kinda wanna see Wilder in there; Its probably too much of a step up for him, but at least Wilder has the reach to be able to touch Wlad without getting into the clinch zone.
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    Re: Pacquiao vs. Algieri: Fight Preview

    More like sparring session RG, but the fight has to hyped some kind of way. Algieri can box, but has no power to keep Pac from eventually catching him. No power, and in there faster fighter (feet...
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    Re: Lost in the Shuffle

    that was a throwback K.O.
  9. Re: Espinoza on Mayweather-Pacquiao Negotiations, Arum Reacts

    Gotta agree with you all the way with this 1 CC!
    This is beating a dead horse to the fullest.
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    Re: Cotto vs Alvarez

    Hard not to root for Cotto, but I have to keep myself from getting too carried away by the Martinez win, Martinez was definitely on his last leg. (pun intended)
    I think Canelo is going to prove to...
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    Re: I was wrong...

    I have to admit, Kovalev is more than a puncher, he made Hopkins look very old in there tonight. Hopkins looked alittle shakey even before the 1st knockdown. He definitely turtled up but no...
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    Re: TSS Readers Predictions for Hopkins-Kovalev

    Props to both fighters, Kovalev definitely made B-Hop look every bit of 49.
  13. Re: I'd Rather Be Wrong Picking Hopkins Over Kovalev Than The Opposite

    I with you, as long as it's a good fight, I will be happy. But is Kovalev in a lose/lose situation?? Of course if he wins he will be heralded as the latest greatest, but how much credit should he...
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    Re: TSS Readers Predictions for Hopkins-Kovalev

    My heart says B-Hop, but my mind say Kovalev. I hope B-hop takes it, but I have this feeling we might see Brother Naz stopping the fight with Hopkins taking too many shots late.
  15. Re: GGG is fighting again in February - who should he fight?

    It would be an interesting fight for as long as it lasted, but we all know Freddie ain't letting Cotto anywhere near GGG.
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    Re: Classy card all the way

    Yes it was, a good card. That jab was just too much! I also thought he was gonna let "flash" back in at the end of the 2nd.
    GGG is gonna have to go up to 168 to get some good work in; I don't...
  17. Re: AXE MANHANDLES THE FLASH Walters Kayoes Donaire In Round Six

    That long left jab by Walters controlled the fight. Thought he was gonna blow it trying to hook with Donaire at the end of the 2nd.
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    Re: What About Canelo vs. Golovkin, Then?

    Is Kirkland not with Wolf anymore?? He seemed at his best when he was with her. A Canelo and Kirkland fight would have been a pretty good scrap.
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    Re: Roy Jones wins by KO....

    Thanks for the clip OU, looks like Roy still got some quickness in them hands.
  20. Re: Sorry Mr. Mayweather, Sugar Ray Robinson Was The Best Ever

    It's all good, and I am guilty of that to an extent, I must admit. I would have been great to see the big dogs of today in there with guys the caliber of forementioned ATG's for 15 rounds, but I...
  21. Re: Sorry Mr. Mayweather, Sugar Ray Robinson Was The Best Ever

    I think you missed the point of our posts RG. It was that everybody is taking May's TBE claim too serious, and that a fighter has to think he is the best to get in that ring. I think you; my rhyming...
  22. Re: Sorry Mr. Mayweather, Sugar Ray Robinson Was The Best Ever

    "All that mattered was that he believed it. And guess what, that self belief is the most important characteristic in a fighter's DNA BY FAR."

    What you said right there, spot on! I can't...
  23. Re: Sorry Mr. Mayweather, Sugar Ray Robinson Was The Best Ever

    I think everybody is taking this Floyd TBE thing too serious, we all know; or should know that May is keeping his name out there, Does he actually think he is TBE; who knows but if he does..so be it....
  24. Re: If Garcia Dumps Belt, Maybe Matthysse and Postol Fight For It

    Or better yet, a nice little 6 or 8 man tournament for the belt. Toss in Peterson, Mattysse, Broner, Prov, Vargas, Alvarado, etc..
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    Re: Talking Tennis With the Roast

    Nice thread Roast, sorry I was late seeing this 1, I haven't been following tennis like I use to, back in the day I didn't miss women tennis. I am dating myself, but always you to follow my girl...
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